An Incredible New Weight Loss Product: Your Brain!

November 25, 2017 Health Talk Blog 0

I would like to introduce you to an incredible new weight loss product: Your brain… A Bit of History I discovered a very unique mental technique for weight loss many, many years ago from a great New Thought teacher, Dr. Joseph Murphy. When I posted it on …Read More

The Secret to Nutrisystem Weight Loss

March 13, 2017 Health Talk Blog 0

I guess if you look at it in terms of pounds lost, smaller clothing worn, and lifestyle changes, most would consider my Nutrisystem journey to be a success. I have lost most of the weight that I wanted to lose and have kept it off. …Read More

Top 5 Supplements for Good Health

November 25, 2016 Health Talk Blog 0

Top 5 Supplements for Good Health 1) Multivitamin Even healthy diets contain nutrient gaps. Thankfully, you can count on a daily multivitamin to help fill in those gaps and provide your body with some valuable nutritional …Read More

Tips For Staying Healthy Over The Thanksgiving Holidays

November 22, 2016 Health Talk Blog 0

  Staying healthy over the holidays can be tough, particularly when big festive events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, are all about the food. Add the MADNESS of playing host to challenging family members, packing and organizing for your own out-of-town trips, and eating on the …Read More

Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellness

August 5, 2016 Michelle Brady 0

At Health Talk Blog, we believe that diet and exercise are interlinked and that we need to address both in promoting a healthier mind and body.   Health and …Read More