Yoga Camp – Day 22 – I Surround Myself With…

Yoga Camp – Day 22. Hop on your yoga mat and connect mind and body with movement and mantra. A swift practice, Day 22 invites you to welcome the heat …



  1. I am in my third straight month of daily yoga with Adriene, and I am loving it! A couple of days ago I went to visit a friend, and we went for a walk in the woods by the beach. We came through a clearing and we were up on a hill above the ocean. I felt inspired and did tree pose for a minute, but then I said to my friend, "Hold on. I want to see if I can do this other pose I've been working on." I struck a crow pose and held it right there on the hill above the sea, and it felt amazing. Thank you, Adriene!

  2. Hey Adriene! It's funny as I feel like you were my real friend, seeing you talking to me almost every morning, while yoga practice, is great! 🙂 I love it the way how you design the sessions- they are relatively easy and short for everyone to practice daily. Because of you and yoga I feel amazing externally and internally! I accept myself more than I did before I have started practicing- it feels amazing to find myself in a moment which is only mine and nobody else's! 🙂 Thank you dear for everything you do- I am grateful to have you in my life (even though cybernetically) Namaste! <3

  3. I chose an interesting one today, I said "I surround myself with determination" because I often get in lazy funks and procrastinate things that need doing, in both trivial and important matters, and it was definitely a nice motivational boost! ^_^

  4. I just wanted to express how grateful i am for you Adrienne. You have completely changed my perspective on yoga and now i love it so much there is not a day that goes by that i dont wake up and start the day with "what feels right" 🙂 you make yoga fun and challenging and your hilarious! i understand and appreciate all of your references and your sex jokes make me feel right at home! Almost through yoga camp and loving every second of it! I definitely wont stop after camp is over and i love all the options you provide moving forward! THANK YOUUUU

  5. Thank you, Adriene for allowing me to be on the amazing journey with all of you in Yoga camp. I have never felt so connected to Yoga, myself and the universe around us all. Now I don't know if I will spell this correctly as I've never said it but here goes: Loka Samasta Szukinu Bavantu – May the whole Universe be ful of love, light, joy and peace, for ALL to share. Jai! Om Shanti x x x x x

  6. This Yoga Camp has been the most beautiful journey. Here I am, the day before a stressful oral exam, warming up and breathing. Can't stop smiling. These videos are a blessing. Thank you so much for your kindness Adriene!

  7. Revolution was my first experience with Yoga with Adriene and am now an everyday yoga with Adriene yogi. Appreciate you so very much Adriene! Can you please let me in on the brand of your long yoga pants? As above and the sleek ones you are frequently filmed in.

  8. for some reasons this program has such a good influence on me, my daily life and my mental health. it is like magic to me. i been trough a lot these last months , and by pure chance i came across this Yoga camp that in a certain way has changed my life. Thank you Adrienne.

  9. Lol, this was a perfect time for a little massage because I just had a headache (caused by the tension on my neck and shoulders). 😀 This was different, but different is great. Namaste.

  10. I'm telling you have changed my life in such a positive exciting way. I look forward to every minute on the mat with you. I encourage everyone of my friends, family members, and hair clients to check you out. I'm so thankful for you and all that you do. your energy is refreshing.

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