3 Easy Spaghetti Squash Recipes For The Low Carb Keto Diet

I’ve got 3 low carb spaghetti squash recipes just in time for the chilly fall weather! All of these easy baked spaghetti squash recipes are part of meal prep for the …



  1. RECIPE & STORAGE INFO: https://www.flavcity.com/3-easy-spagh...
    Macros for the greek chicken & squash:
    600 calories per meal with the chicken skin
    28.4 grams of fat per meal with the chicken skin
    50 grams of protein per meal
    10.2 grams of total carbs per meal
    3.4 grams of fiber per meal

    Macros for the shrimp & pesto squash:
    403 calories per meal
    22.6 grams of fat per meal
    17.8 grams of total carbs per meal
    30.4 grams of protein per meal
    4 grams of fiber per meal

    Macros for the yogurt chicken & squash:
    385 calories per meal
    13.8 grams of fat per meal
    11 grams of total carbs per meal
    54.2 grams of protein
    2 grams of fiber per meal

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  2. Hi F, Delicious recipe.

    I simply use spaghetti sauce on top of my spaghetti squash. I boil my spaghetti squash halves to loosen up the strands. And I mix the spaghetti sauce into the squash with a pinch of salt/pepper/garlic powder then topped with shredded cheese, then, tomatoes; then bake 350 in oven 45 minutes.

    Mmm good.

  3. Yummm!! Thankyou for this video of delicious recipes and the step by step instruction how to make these great recipes!! I am going to make the one recipe tomorrow for supper. We have to greatly reduce our salt intake though.

  4. I love spaghetti squash, however, the last few times I made it there was a horrible taste. I made it like I usually do, so not sure what the issue is…it's like the issue is with the squash itself. Bummer

  5. Great tips on prepping the squash. That creamy pesto looks fantastic. I always make my pesto in my little food processor too, but, I do not have a slot where I can pore the Olive oil directly in. Where did you buy your processor? Wow, the chicken thigh recipe and squash combo looks and sounds fantastic. I think I will try that one first. Although I do love pesto. I will have to toss a coin on this one. There's always the weekend. Thank you, for more options.

  6. I feel like every time I make spaghetti squash in the oven like this and pour my sauces on top my noodles become extremely watery where it ends up being a puddle at the bottom of the squash. Is this normal? What can I do to make it less watery?

  7. I always bake mine with red pepper flakes to get rid of the sweet taste of squash. We fill a glass dish with cooked spaghetti squash then cover it with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, onions. Bake for 20 mins on 400. Pizza squash. Or cover with fried chicken strips from cheap store and cover with sauce and mozzarella, chicken parm.

  8. I like my spaghetti squash crunchy gives it a great texture to me I use this as spaghetti I have never tried Alfredo on it yet but I'm going to I got me one sitting in the kitchen now

  9. I just literally tried spaghetti squash a few days ago I did the first recipe roast in the oven, but I was told to put it upside down…the taste isn't bad but I don't like mushy texture…and I have another one in my refrigerator 😣

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