8 Things You MUST KNOW Before Starting A Ketogenic Diet!!

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  1. Hi! Good vid .You mention you are a nutricionist. I weight 150 and I have been trying to loose weight for more than a yr now at least 10 lbs. I have been watching all these videos about Keto.Do you think I should do the Keto diet or should I try something else? I thank you in advance .

  2. good tips! i downloaded an app called Carb Manager and it's been eye-opening. I actually was eating a lot less calories than i thought, so the app helped me know to balance out the fats-to-protein ratio.

  3. I’ve tried to do the Keto diet, but I found it very hard because I’m berry much a fruit person! I can live on fruit all day, every day. But I still want to try Keto again… any tips would be helpful.

  4. How do you protect your ears and eyes from detoxification?
    1. Detoxification moves heavy metals and toxins in the brain that sink into the eyes and ears
    2. How do you keep these toxins from reaching your ears and eyes

  5. The fastest and easiest way to get used to planning ketogenic meals is to use Woodyatt's Ketogenic Ratio Formula. This formula is superior to the popular ketogenic ratio formula.

  6. I am starting Keto for the first time, but I do have a question. How do you know how much fats you’re supposed to eat each day for weight loss? How much is too much? I don’t want to overdo/under do it.

  7. Just discovered your channel. I think the meals you showed are excellent, just as your mentality!!! Finally someone who isn't promoting all the whipped cream, processed meats and artificial sweetners!

  8. I use a glass storage container (like you showed your snacks in) to store my butter in the fridge. I find if I don’t fold the wrapper back just perfect on Kerrygold butter it will change colors and get funky looking. The small glass container makes it last and look much better

  9. Rachel, I just subscribed. Rachel, I just started Keto 2 weeks ago. Apart from weight loss, I see a major miracle that my headaches have gone. I had severe headaches since last 5 years. I feel better. What would you recommend? Should I do temporarily or long term?

  10. Keto tip about sugar….Fructose is the most important type of sugar to avoid if you are trying to get into ketosis. Fructose is stored (as liver glycogen) and processed in the liver. If the liver is full with fructose you will not produce ketones even if you are eating a low carb diet. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, table sugar and cut back on fruits

  11. Hello! New to the channel and to the diet as well, this was a really helpful video ^^ but I have one question: I'd like to start the diet to improve my PCOS just like you, however I suffer from anemia (always because of PCOS) and I was wondering if the keto diet would affect it in any way? (Bad or positive)

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