9 Tips to Lose Weight on a Keto Diet | Break Through Your Plateaus | Keto Weight Loss

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  1. I just finally started tracking today. I've been eating keto style for two weeks. Of course the first water pounds come off fast, but then it stalled. Well, I had no idea how many calories or what percents I was eating of my macros. Downloaded an app and wow. This makes it really easy. Good video. Good advice. Cheers.

  2. Love that you guys talk about positive thinking. It's so incredibly true. Positive thoughts=positive results. Also, adore you guys and your videos. You guys are my favorite.

    P.S. show julius more! 🙂

  3. I will be honest keto is a great diet to start losing weight but the hardest thing top count the macro I'm just too scared if I pass the ketones stage honestly i think im doing great so far

  4. Why does she wear these over size shirts it’s hard to believe y’all he looks like a natural regular skinny guy and she hiding. Very deceptive hmm…are you guys fake and getting paid by lying.

  5. I struggle terribly with completely blowing my diet after I have a carb cheat. I can't even imagine having the willpower to get back on track after a carb cheat. is it possible? One of my other biggest problems is using low carb ice cream thinking it's okay. It's really not okay. Either I eat too much or it's got way too many sneaky carbs in it. Like NSA ice cream is probably terrible I don't even know but it's my favorite thing to cheat on.

  6. I use Carb Manager App. It’s free and it calculates net carbs! Lost 10lbs in first week. I used 4 day eggfast to test the waters. Good transition I think. Thank you very much for sharing all these info!

    I told myself I won’t play with alternative/natural sweetness until I meet my first weight benchmark. After my first week, I celebrated by going to my doctors just to record my BP and weight. Nurse def noticed the numbers changed from my last visit.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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