Acai Berry and Various Diet Possibilities

The acai berry diet is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. Consumer reviews on the diet have been on the positive side for the obvious reason that it is safe, effective and healthy on the mind and body. Of course, there will be negative reviews and avowed critics of the acai berry diet but these have been few and far between so far. As with any new health supplement, there is always a period in which it will be hailed as the answer to al of man’s health problems – but after this initial period, most of these products cannot endure the rigors of scientific investigation. What is interesting to note is that even though this little berry has been around now for quite some time, its popularity is in fact increasing. This alone is a powerful testimonial to this special fruit’s nutritional benefits.

Reasons for Popularity

Said popularity of the acai diet is based on many valid reasons. First, the supplements come in pills, powder and juice forms. These can be easily taken with every meal either on their own or as additions to one’s favorite food items.

For example, the powder can be used as toppings, added to dressings and used in cooking dishes while the juice can be added to favorite beverages like freshly-squeezed orange juice. This is possible since the acai berry powder is relatively tasteless, thus, its ability to combine with other ingredients without adding unpleasant aftertaste.

Second, acai has been proven by modern medical science to possess one of the highest ORAC levels among the identified superfoods including blueberries and pomegranates. ORAC is the measure of antioxidant levels in fruits and vegetables.

Freeze-dried acai has ORAC of 3,500 units. (In contrast, its closest rival of blueberries only has an ORAC score of 2,400 units) Take note that the higher the antioxidant levels, the better for one’s health.

Third, acai berry has fat and cholesterol-burning properties. This spells good news for the metabolic rate.

The abovementioned acai berry properties are just a few of the reasons for the superfood’s popularity. You will discover that many uses have been found for the acai berry diet, which will be discussed in the next section.

Popular Uses

With a superfood as its basis, the acai diet offers many benefits depending on the individual’s original intent for adopting the natural diet. These benefits include:

Weight Loss – As previously mentioned, the acai berry has fat and cholesterol-melting properties. Losing weight then becomes a faster process with the acai berry diet since the fats and cholesterol in the body can be eliminated faster, too. Other ways by which acai helps in effective weight loss are through safer appetite suppression, faster metabolism and better nutrition.

Colon Cleansing – Acai berry possesses antibacterial and anti-cancer properties helpful in cleaning the colon of its buildup of putrefied feces. Its antibacterial quality kills the harmful pathogens lurking in the colon while its anti-cancer property may prevent the formation of cancerous cells.

• General Health – Of course, the acai berry diet is most useful in the maintenance of good health. The high levels of antioxidants in acai helps in lessening the risks for cardiovascular diseases and chronic degenerative illnesses like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

The acai berry diet is not just about losing weight contrary to the typical conception of a “diet”. It can be adopted the whole year-round to keep you healthy in mind and body – no side effects, thankfully. Of course, a proper diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains as well as a moderate exercise program as part of a healthy lifestyle is a must in an acai diet, regardless of the intent for its adoption.

Source by Lee Jacobs

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