Almond Flour Sugar Cookies {vegan, gluten-free, paleo}

RECIPE: INGREDIENTS & PRODUCTS almond flour: almond extract: matcha frosting: http://bit…



  1. Hey Natalie thanks for another awesome video! Im so glad you made something with almond flour because I’ve been meaning to ask if you could make a video for vanilla cake with almond flour and not oat. If not ily anyway ❤️

  2. Can I use a GF Flour? Also, could I sub a melted earth balance soy free vegan butter vs coconut butter? I kno I could use cashew butter, too, tho…(bet sunbutter or tahini would work as well).

  3. This is a serious question… why does "simply quinoa" keep copying you? Are you a collab or something? She literally posted sugar cookies with matcha icing right after you and then last week or so did the same thing with the molasses cookies. It's making me angry

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