Can Teens do Fasting?

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  1. Happy thanks giving to you and your family dr. Berg! What are your thoughts on carbohydrates and healthy eating habits for children under 12? Should they do some form of IF and cut out most of the rice/bread/pasta component? Thank you for your expertise and guidance.

  2. I really wish the internet/Dr. Berg's info was around while I was in high school. Always had a problem with my weight/health until I realized that carbs were really messing me up. Thanks for all the great content!

  3. I used to "fast" a lot when I was baby, and little kid. Then around 13 I started to eat 6+times a day and i was overeating. Got acne, severe anxiety, Now (16) I feel so much better on keto + if, no acne, no anxiety, abs + muscular body. I wish you succes! 😀

  4. Dr Berg, do you have more information on fasting and keto for women? I have a really hard time getting into it, everytime I start after a couple of days my appetite just becomes uncontrolable and I can't keep it up.

  5. BE AWARE: In the absence of body fat, the body tends to 'delay' the final stages of puberty indefinitely; hence why gymnasts tend to have small breasts. Please don't starve your teenager. They need a little fat on their body at this crucial stage.

  6. I think "They" knew this when constructing the 'carb dense' pyramid. Carbs slow you down….unless you are running a marathon, which is another topic of calorie & fat burning. Slow, sickly carb dense people make insurance companies money $$$ (Gov. Healthcare). Seriously, we shouldn't need to use healthcare insurance often or much at all if we were eating correctly. The human body is amazing, it wants to live correctly. It will heal itself when given the correct food.

  7. I wish I knew back then all I did now about nutrition. Could have really improved my health. I used to be so anxious about eating because I didn't understand anything about nutrition and I have to wonder if a lot of eating disorders stem from the same thing.

  8. Thanks doctor for the great video, i got a question regarding kids in the age of 3-6 years old , can we follow the same rules for them or put on keto diet? Appreciate your response in advanced

  9. I started fasting from 7 pm at night till lunch at school around 11:30.. it made me lose a bunch of weight and it got to the point where I lost my period. I exercise 1-4 times a week which does mean I must eat more.. I obviously wasn’t eating enough and it got unhealthy.. I definitely don’t recommend fasting too long and limiting food intake for any teenager..
    I also became constipated and I was always bloated.. now I eat breakfast and I have normal bowel movements and I’m hoping to get my period back!!
    < If any girl is reading this I DO NOT recommend skipping meals or limiting your intake harshly as it affects your periods unless you’re told by a doctor that it’s okay>

  10. when I was a student I used to eat at least 5 times per day and mainly carbs, I didn't know any better, not only was I stressing over my weight constantly, but also I had depression and anxiety and a massive brain fog + bad acne – all from all the carbs 5 times per day, I also was working out every day and still crying over why am I still not slim and why do I have this massive brain fog and mental problems and bad acne. This time of my life was pretty bad and difficult. Now I cant even imagine eating 5 times carbs and fruits and all other sweet things. How I wish I knew about this diet back then, my life would have been 1000000% better

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