Carb Ups: who should do em?

Keto Diet Cookbook: Keto for Women: We’re talking all about carb ups today and reading from my newest book …



  1. Catching this on replay. Pre-ordered. I'm hoping the book will cover a particular aspect of carb-ups. I switched to keto because carbs stopped working for my body. Most traditional carbs make me very sleepy instead of giving me energy. I hope there's information on how to use this information to make carb-ups successful.

  2. Hi girl! Thank you so much for being vulnerable and real with us! As a fellow light worker, your work is helping women’s health for highest. I have been struggling. Alone on this very personal journey. I am a younger finishing menopause. I started Keto last year around this time. I was still cycling. Sometimes erratic. Over the year everything slowed down and came to halt. I had my last cycle in July 2018 at 48 yrs young. I now have had a birthday. 49! Yay me. But. I have listened over time to your insights about carb up. It rang true. My body will tell me. Today. Etc. now. I am learning even new body. I stalled about the time I stopped cycles. Been maintaining. Lost some focus and been dealing with other life issues. Stress. So. Wrapping my head around how to get back on track. So. Thank you. I believe your book will give me the guidance. So. I AM PREORDERING. Hugs and many blessings. .

  3. What about women who have PCOS and hypothyroidism? I see information about one or the other, but not if you have both. I’ve been keto for 10 months and want to do what’s best for my body with these both of these conditions. I have your first book and looking forward to reading your newly released book!

  4. Pre-Ordered!! I’ve been keto for 2 years and have been in a stall for a YEAR. I’m a cancer survivor and forced into menopause with a hysterectomy. I’m 46. Something has to change. I started my weight loss journey once I went into remission 3 years ago. My first year I did IIFYM and lost 20 pounds and felt terrible. 2017 I went keto I’m down 60 pounds with keto. I love how I feel, no more chemo brain, no more joint pain plus I’ve dramatically decreased my chances of cancer coming back. I really want to lose my last 25-35 pounds to be out of the medically obese category. I don’t want to look a certain way I just want to be healthy and strong. Carb Ups is the only way I haven’t tried and I’m desperate and so ready to meet my post cancer goals. Thank you Leanne and I can’t wait to get the book in the mail and pour over it.

  5. i have all your books and I just pre ordered your new one Keto for Women. I havent had time to dig deep into the one i just got The Keto Diet cookbook and need too. I love all your info and I listen to every pod cast you put out.. I have learned so much over my almost 3 year journey… Thank you for all you do

  6. Please explain more about women who do keto and work out 6-7 days per week at least 45-60 mins weights and HIIT and also work out first thing in morning around 6 am not in the evening . If you can’t do video on it is it in the keto for women ?Thank you

  7. Hi LeAnn! Just preordered Keto for women! Thank you! I’m hoping next month you’ll see an upswing on those preorders! I also really love the new cookbook….lost of great stuff and I love the layout…it’s a beautiful book.

  8. Hi Leanne, I was on and wanted to order the set of three books for my birthday, however the promotional code you gave here ( cookbook 20) did not work on the few times I tried it. I will try again once you answer me, thank you. I also noticed that is charging me right away for the pre-order keto for women I was wondering why? It amount to 93$ for the 3 books. I can’t wait to read them.
    I have been on keto since the 1st of March and lost 20+lbs so far. I will weight myself at the end of the month I I am pretty sure that I lost more. I did not get on keto to loose weight but to get stronger and healthier since I have been really sick (and bed ridden) for over 6 years. To my amazement in not even 2 months I am getting up maybe 5 times a week for 3 hrs, my blood tests and health are improving really fast and things are turning around for me. I have not counted my micros and macros since the beginning, I read about it and since I am an RN and with my medical knowledge I guestimate most of it, lol. I completely cut any sugar and most carbs except the good veggies, I eat 15-20gm of carbs a day a lot of fat, and lot of protein. It is working for me. What I need is more recipes and maybe a way to reduce blotting and inflammation since I suffer from fibromyalgia and CFS which has/had crippled me.
    P.S. I don’t give all the credit for my feeling better to keto, I think that a lot of it was the fact that I met Christ, got baptized and with a lot of prayers he has granted me to restart my life anew. I was led to this diet that I never heard of before, and like I say I never calculated or struggled with it. Glory to God! Without Him we are nothing but a shell, wether that shell is healthy or sick you need His Spirit to fill you with love and to guide you to eternal life.
    Awaiting your code and response

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