Carbohydrate Approaches | Carb Cycling, Backloading, Ketosis

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  1. I did keto to burn off fat. Now i'm back to carbs pre and post workout. Then just high protein and clean veggies rest of day. I missed the muscle fullness off carbs and the strength gains. keto def has it's place, in shorter runs imo. But everyone responds differently….

  2. I myself am cutting by doing intermittent fasting. Some days i work out fasted. Some days i train in the evening and then i already ate like 2 meals. Im burning fat while maintaining almost all of my muscle. But my diet is really clean and consistent. With around 160-200gr protein per day. And the fats and carbs vary everyday. I go on how i feel. When i feel bloated and sluggish i leave them out of my meal and consume more fat. When im feeling flat i just eat some carbs till i feel that my muscles get full. U can literally tell if your body needs the carbs or not. Its just takes some time to understand all the signals. πŸ’ͺ🏽

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