Carnivore Diet vs Ketogenic Diet Results

After hearing Jordan Peterson discuss his Carnivore Diet results and Dom D’Agostino discuss his Ketogenic Diet results with Joe Rogan, I decided to try both …



  1. Why not just ignore the LCHF crowd and do so-called 'lazy-keto' which generally has a higher protein ratio? Protein helps the production of glucagon which is important for the utilisation of ketone bodies. Having a blood-stream full of ketone bodies you're not using results in nothing more than smelly piss.

  2. Carnívore diet is the Ultimate minimalistic diet. I used to do keto during 6 years (no fitness goals relates) now i'm doing carnívore and I feel death inside but . I'm more efficent in diferent ways. I wake up and literaly jump off the bed. I make things without stop. I eat and make things. With normal diet I EAT AND GO TO BED FOR AN HOUR . I THINK IS ABOUT THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS MEAT. YOU HAVE LESS WORRIES

  3. To become fat adapted, the initial phase can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks of carb addiction withdrawal, then a second phase of about 6-8 weeks of hormonal up-regulation. You say you tried both diets for three weeks? Your conclusions are worthless.

  4. What was your triglycerides and HDL numbers. Recent low carb expert said the triglycerides to hdl ratio was a bigger indicator of heart disease risk and ldl numbers were not really important if this ration was below .8.

  5. That was a brilliant reply Genghis. I think that is the first time I have been called that. My experience with doctors are that they are quite narrow minded when it comes to diet.I am finding that the carnivore diet is very beneficial,having had digestion problems of my own.

  6. probably someone asked you this allready about your testosterone levels but 1. in what time of day did you do your bloodwork because testosterone levels can vary in significant amount deppending on your day/night cycle and it should be taken out in the earliest morning. 2. you should have checked the levels of your "free testosterone" since the levels of free testosterone are of grater value in the scheme of things and it could be a possibility that the levels of your free testosterone on a carnivore diet were raised so the body stoped producing excess testosterone.

  7. I saw a video indicating a carnivore diet would only kick in completely after 6 – 8 weeks maybe longer. That also you had to have the broth made from meats & bone as well. Very interesting will follow your channel to see your future experiments with a Carnivore diet..

  8. This is a good channel. I look forward to more feedback. I do think this topic is controversial with vegan vs carnivore especially. I like Shawn Baker's content in that its been inspirational.

  9. Please go through with the carnivore experiment for a few months. Id love to see your results. I personally am on day 7 Full Carnivore as of today. My strength has been increasing every workout, which is significant because ive been doing serious olympic weightlifting and powerlifting for years before this. Crazy that i have been gaining strength during the supposed adaptation phase. Subscribed to see future experiment.

  10. Hey mate, what do you think about eating so much raw meat and excess protein that through gluconeogenises you restore muscle glycogen without eating carbs. This seems a superior way of restoring glycogen for workout whilst keeping blood sugar levels much lower and more stable. Check out snake diet’s latest video and ket me know what you think about it 🙂 great video, cheers!

  11. When Dominick D'Agostino is talking about the benefits of keto, bear in mind that he is including carnivore diets as a subset of keto. (Carnivore diets are be definition ketogenic, because of the absence of carbs.) He eats very high protein and low plant himself, but just calls his diet ketogenic.

  12. Testosterone Problem

    Eat more lean meat and drop fat by 20%

    You were eating a fatty-carnivore diet… a 20% leaner carnivore diet

    You need glucose or ketones to pump your nuts up….fact

    If you drop carbs you must also drop fat (on carnivore) so your body turns glycogenesis (sp?)

  13. What do you think about the Mediterranean diet? People get very old on that diet.

    In Japan people are very old and they do not just eat meat. Certainly they eat a lot of meat from different sources, but they also eat a certain amount of carbohydrates.

    I think you should look at the region you come from. And eat like the generations who lived there before eating. For example, here in Sweden we have never been able to grow much fruits, mainly apples. We have berries in the summers though. What did they eat? Moose, wildpig and a lot of fish maybe? And berries.

  14. People forget in prehistoric times humans used to eat keto as a mainstay but they had the occasional glut of meat from killing a large prey animal – this means until there was nothing left of the animal which could take weeks they ignored all other sources of food.
    Eating meat only is not meant to be a mainstay but rather an opportunistic feed once every few weeks – combined with keto/intermittent fasting the rest of the time.
    and remember even in today's hunter gatherer cultures meat is not a given – indigenous peoples survive on plants, insects, small sources of protein etc for the main part of their diets

    Meat is a good way to lose fat because of less inflammation (plants have tons of side effects) but once you're plateaued you have to chose what to do because like the host experienced – decrease in lean muscle and increase in fat means his body went back to fat storage from losing so much valuable bodyfat so fast and began to consume his lean muscle

  15. I always imagine how our ancestors would have eaten. I doubt they would have had 3 meals a day, McDonald's and all that shit in between. I am on the start of keto diet and am feeling great ,less hunger, better overall. Dropped 12lbs in 8 days.

  16. You talk quite fast while spitting out some very interesting data…
    I had to rewind a few times in order to do a comparison mentally to see how both fare.

    I know you did not ask but I would like to point this out to you as a constructive criticism and suggest that maybe, you could visually list these facts out side by side in the video itself.
    Like carn 8% vs keto 12.4% bodyfat etc…

    Otherwise, I find your objective and seemingly non ideological approach very appealing and scientific (first video I watched, don't know you yet, people in the nutrition field usually seem to be very ideologically driven, a major turn off)

  17. Good idea. Fluctuating back and forth between the two diets. Maybe during late autumn, winter, and early spring do carnivore diet and then late spring, summer and early fall do keto diet. With maybe late spring have a little bit more carbs in the form of fruits like berries and such but not so high enough to throw you out of ketosis.

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