Carnivore vs Bipolar | Animal-based Keto Diet and Depression w/ Josh Blackburn

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  1. I remember back in the late seventies my parents commenting on the sudden increase in depression and other mental health problems. At the time No one connected it to the change in diet that was happening at that time.

  2. I been dealing with that stuff my whole life and didn't know. I was always told it was normal to get over it. I started carnivore and realized I didn't mind getting up in the morning and I stopped hopping I wouldn't wake up. Thank you for speaking maybe it will help someone who doesn't know where to turn.

  3. Wonderful! I, too, am experiencing a leveling out of my physical, mental, and emotional states. Since beginning keto 9 months ago and moving to carnivore, I no longer take ANY meds and I've lost 60 pounds. My physician is as thrilled as I am. Because I'm no longer prediabetic, hypertensive or depressed! Diet is positively crucial for good mental, physical and emotional health.

  4. Thank you both for this experience. Josh, thank you so much for sharing. I hope that more folks will listen to your story and get on the road to proper diet and the resultant good emotional and mental health.

  5. Doctors love telling their patients that "its chronic" and "youll be on pharmaceuticals for rest of your life". That was what I was told when my ezcema and allergies got worse and worse. Then you accept your fate and stop searching for answers until things get too bad and you start researching again.

  6. I have bipolar disorder. I wasnt on any medication when i started Keto and 6 months into being strictly keto and also having lost 56 lbs, my mental health didn't feel any different. I love the Keto diet because i feel healthier doing it, however it didn't help me mentally and i eventually had to start taking medication. Im sure its different person to person but this is my personal experience with it.

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