Treating Obesity With Orthomolecular Medicine

January 17, 2018 Health Talk Blog 0

Treating and healing obesity and weight problems with ordinary amino acids is the basis for Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and repair its malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used …Read More

Sesame Seeds Help You to Lose Stomach Fat

January 16, 2018 Health Talk Blog 0

…And the Oscar goes to the double Calcium and Omega-3. Sesame seeds are packed with these two nutrients which are well known for their properties to eliminate fat cells. Including sesame paste or Tahini – as it is more commonly known – for breakfast every day gives …Read More

How To Lose 10KG In 1 Month – Diet And Exercises

January 5, 2018 Health Talk Blog 0

Here’s how to lose 10kg in 1 month with diet and exercises. Warning: This doesn’t involve any diet pills, jogging, or any other stupid things like that. You’ll get a secret diet and 2 “next generation” exercises that’ll suck pounds off your belly, thighs, hips, …Read More