Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Keto Friendly.

Another Keto diet recipe but this one turned out delicious. This one was very easy to do. I think I would call it cheesy mashed potatoes but regardless, it was very …



  1. Looks good Joe…..just had chicken broccoli n cheese ( a personal favorite of mine) for a Sunday family dinner, I have to try this one……the only drawback was the excess grease from the cheese…how do you get around that…by adding bread to soak it up or some other method….otherwise good dish.

  2. Cooked too long and way to high temp. It’s not keto recipe with the cheese you used. I hope whoever likes it this time. Like I tell my husband in cooking easiest, fastest and highest temps aren’t alway the best.

  3. Years ago I was house sitting in a different state and a neighbor made cauliflower mashed potatoes and it was delicious! Texture wise you couldn't taste the difference. Flavor wise you couldn't hardly taste the difference for the amount of of butter, cream, salt and pepper… It was a lot but not too much. And for low carb it was very satisfying (probably because of the butter and cream). I should have gotten the recipe but I didn't. I encourage you to keep looking for a better recipe. With love ❀ from sunny πŸŒ… Arizona.

  4. Next time you make the cauliflower mac n cheese…. Whilst the cauliflower is draining (still in the strainer), melt your cheeses to make your sauce…. After all the cheeses have been incorporated, then add back your cauliflower. This will end up less stirring (and less breaking up of the florets). β€πŸŒ…πŸŒ΅

  5. I don't eat this crap but I just seen someone make potato salad, but instead of using potatoes they used radishes…………might wanna look into it.

  6. Hey Joe & Melissa, try the channel KetoConnect. They have recipes just for 1or 2 people with all the macros Melissa needs for their Keto foods. They did a baked mac & cheese with bacon that looked good. Might be a place to go to try some recipes.

  7. Just an fyi, if she is trying to lose weight and keep it off, keto is not something to try if you cannot continue on it. As soon as you go off the no carb / low carb diet, that weight will pile back on.

  8. I eat Keto because of diabetes. Make the cheese sauce with a little cream or half and half and the rest of the stuff you used. Pour it over the under cooked cauliflower. Stir minimally — 1 or 2 turns and serve. This is the way I do it. Also, I have a bunch of tried and liked recipes if you or Melissa are interested.

  9. Next time – undercook the cauliflower just a bit then drain, mix and cook all the cheese ingredients together first then add back the cauliflower, folding it in gently. The cauliflower will still be hot and continue to soften while you are cooking the sauce. That looks like a great recipe – I love cauliflower so I'm going to give it a try.

  10. After watching the pie video, I googled the heck out of KETO to see what was wrong. Lots of good stories popped. WTF I thought I'd give this KETO thing a try and 4 days into it I can attest that from day one I I have not been hungry or craved anything. WEIRD, but good. Read an article online from People Mag about someone who lost 63 pounds in a short time. They ate the same thing every day, so that's my meal plan. I have no cravings for any of the things these recipes replace. Maybe I will so I'm paying attention, good job Joe πŸ™‚ I'll let you know how it goes in a month. My best wishes to Mellisa.

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