Today I’m doing a COOK AND CLEAN WITH ME using a tater tot breakfast casserole recipe and I’m substituting the tater tots for cauliflower tots. This recipe is a …



  1. That looks so yummy!! I might try that recipe soon. I didn’t know they made cauliflower tater tots. Thank you for sharing! Thank you so much for collaborating with me!! You’re such a sweetheart!!!😊💗

  2. Great video ! If you haven't tried the Bluebell scented Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner, it's a really nice scent. I like all the Mrs. Meyer's and Method products so it's hard for me to narrow down my choices when I order from Grove Collaborative.

  3. I love cauliflower rice but haven't seen the cauliflower tater tots!!  I will look for those and try them.  And I know how GJ feels….I am ALWAYS last to finish eating.  It's a running joke in our family.  When you were doing the voiceover, you said, 'We wound up leaving…" and I thought you were going to say that you wound up leaving GJ!!!!  bahahaha

  4. I would have to use regular tater tots. I don’t eat cauliflower. I would love to see more cooking videos! Gracie June is so precious! My husband doesn’t like his food mix together either. That’s so funny 😆 because it doesn’t bother me at all.

  5. First of all, I about freaked when I eyed the Franks Red Hot sauce in your intro. Talk about a girl after my own heart! I’m obsessed with Franks to the point that I put it in soup! I dip baby carrots into a small bowl of it daily because I really only like veggies raw. My son will sometimes have a piece of bread with it before bed🤣

    Amy, you look beautiful in that dress! GJ is too cute. All 4 of you make for one attractive, lovely family 💖

    Are you still able to keep up with your exercise schedule now that your routine has changed with the kid’s home? Once things are all unpacked from our recent move, I’m excited to get back into running. 💕😘💕

  6. Girllll…. not just any hot sauce, but Franks hot sauce!! I am the old lady in the Franks commercial : "Franks hot sauce … I put that $hit on everything!" 😉😂 Sorry, I had to! – Traci 😀

  7. Casserole looks yummy.. but definitely not keto. Milk is high carb and the cauliflower tots are lower than regular.. but still high for keto. Maybe just say low carb next time. Most who follow a keto diet eat around 20 carbs per day total. Love your home and family! Keep the videos coming!!

  8. Catch up for sure for me I’m with chance my husband would be like you and do hot sauce catchup is better on everything LOL I can’t wait to try this recipe I think I might make that this weekend

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