Corpse Pose – Yoga With Adriene

Learn how to do the Corpse Pose with Adriene! This posture is often considered the MOST IMPORTANT asana in Hatha Yoga. I believe it and treasure this …



  1. Soo this video scared the crap outta me.. I was doing a guided meditation video with shiva rea (totally in the zone) before this video came on auto-play. and then, all of a sudden I jolted up from a deep "HELLOOOO". Whewww thankfully it was just you, Adriene. Gotta loveeee it <3 Namaste.

  2. when i do this pose my lower back gradually begin to arch. i can pass one hand under my back. i squeez my belly to press lower back down but it last for some seconds

  3. Great video Adriene. I wanted to leave a suggestion, from an admittedly novice yoga practitioner to an experienced one- apart from deep breaths Savasana should also include a wandering focus exercise , in which one starts from ones toes and through his/her body keeps on changing focus upwardly, ending on his/her forehead.
    Thanks for this video again. Namaste .

  4. Hei Adriene … you are super sweet and your practice is helping me with my alignment ! THX from Vienna 😉 i love the music you are playing in your videos … also at the end of this video ! Which artist is this?? or can you make an small artist list … ???

  5. thank you so much for all your free and thorough yoga classes, just started them last week and been doing them daily for the first time in 2 yrs. i know yoga is so good for me but it's hard for me to motivate myself and having your classes in the comfort of my home on my own schedule and easily accessible for no cost with lots of full classes to choose from, is so helpful and such a generous gift from you. it's really healing to have someone who is not just trying to make money but really wants to help people feel good, and i get that from you. i especially like the 30 minute sessions from your revolutions series that i just started because they are more doable for a busy mom and they start off low on the mat which is helping me get over the hump of "I can't". thank you!

  6. When i started doing yoga, two month ago shavasana was easy. Now i can't get there, i tried with this video but did not work for me. Have you ever thought about making another video for this posture? Sería maravilloso

  7. Hi there, I've just been compiling a YouTube playlist that features some of my favourite Yoga with Adrienne videos (a short beginners practice, plus lower back, hips, and hammies) but I can't find any guided Shavasana videos to add at the end. It would be really great to have a five or ten minute relaxation video that I could hook on to the end of my playlist for a complete practice. So my question is, do you have one tucked away somewhere that I've missed, or any plans to make one? Or, if not, are there any clips elsewhere that you would recommend? Many thanks in advance!

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