Day 8 – Yoga For Healing & Meditation – 30 Days of Yoga

Join Adriene on Day 8 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Yoga For Healing & Meditation! Whether you plan to mediate after practice or whether the practice IS …



  1. Day 8 – Completed and much needed!! I also went a little further in my crow stance/stretch. That really stretched my lower back. Felt good. Small baby steps but progress was made today. Thanks Adriene!

  2. This practice was just what I needed today! Crow and pigeon are becoming my two favorite poses. Whenever I can hold crow I feel so strong and focused and empowered, and pigeon is always a much needed stretch. Thank you, Adriene, for all that you do. These videos are magical.

  3. Yogi squats make me panick if kept long, like I have this deep fear to fall and hurt myself badly but I kept following the video, sometimes stoping it, coming back a bit, finding ways to install better and find some peace into this asana.
    The treat was the pigeon pose that is on the contrary my favorite pose ever so I feel a bit better now but still on the edge. I will continue with one of your other videos in order to let go fully.

  4. Definitely felt those squats in my booty! Great, long stretches. It feels so nice to loosen up some of those muscles. Slowly moving through these 30 days. Thanks again Adrien! I'm talking my co-workers into starting this.

  5. I don't know how this practice was not in my life until today..Thank you, Adriene, for this beautiful and restorative flow. As always, your gentle direction was both calming and inspirational, really helping me to find my center and blissfully live there for the duration of this sequence. I have been resting, as I recently had jaw surgery, and this was perfect to support my body through the healing process. Thank you for sharing the light and love within your lovely self. Namaste. ?

  6. Ironically I had to skip a day because I am sick (so I couldn't do healing and meditation while I'm sneezing every second). But here I am and it felt great. That's why I started it because I felt super lazy nowadays and I think I have anxiety and my heart doesn't really allow me to run or do some hard exercises. Thank you for today!

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