Diet Doctor Podcast #11 — Amber O’Hearn

Many have referred to a ketogenic diet as “extreme,” “restrictive” and “potentially dangerous.” Now, those same concerns have focused on an all-meat carnivore …



  1. I like her term, "plant-free diet".
    It allows animal derived foods other than meat, and suggests 'liberation' from plant foods.
    I've been dabbling with the term "faunivore", as in "flora and fauna".
    Excellent video, brilliant guest and wonderful interviewer.
    Thanks heaps.

  2. Amber is the queen of carnivory. I had been keto for a while before I stumbled on her interviews back in 2017. I then heard Dr Baker. I tried carnivore (from keto), and within 3 days back pain gone….. I can recreate the back pain any time I reintroduce them. carnivore for nearly 2 years now and never felt better, nor will I ever change

  3. question of eating nose to tail is ???????? 20 hunters kill a deer what do they do? lets divide the liver up into 20 pieces! really! tell me why in the keto world we do not hear eat your liver? was keto for 10 months and never heard you have to eat nose to tail. but you go carnivore you hear this. here is a quote from the FAT OF THE LAND"
    The way in which Eskimos divide, for instance, a caribou between men and dogs has been described with some detail; here the fact is emphasized that the organ commonly spoken of as richest in vitamins, the liver, is nearly always given to the dogs—as are the sweetbreads and, indeed, all things from the body cavity except the heart and kidneys. The kidneys .are usually given to children, somewhat as if they were •candy.

  4. I was looking at an old, out-of-print book recently. It talked about studies in cats, where they were fed only muscle meat. The cats eventually lost bone mass and developed deforming osteoporosis. The concluding observation was that wild carnivores also gnaw on bones, the calcium from which supports their bone structure. As a result now, in zoos, carnivores are given either bone meal with their meat, or bones to gnaw on. Humans aren't cats obviously, but I worry about the risk of bone breakdown in human carnivores. Since bone weakening isn't 'felt' it could easily be happening despite feeling good.

  5. Until I found Amber's blog and other work, carnivory looked to be an "extreme thing" only for the body building "bro" types. They take steroids too so how healthy can this be? But now having tried it myself for the past year, I am so glad I found her as well as Dr Georgia Ede. Keto helped me reduce my seizures quite a lot but going carnivore made them go away completely. The weight loss was a nice side effect.

  6. Well done . A good introduction to the carnivore diet. Lots more to learn is a statement of the obvious! If it does work for people with depression could be a useful part of a strategy . Good to see clear thinkers like Psychiatrist Geogia Ede writing and speaking about her experiences with patients

  7. A very sensitive interview …nice and calm and very informative …I have followed her for some time now and I think she is a very endearing lady …I like the expression plant free …as a 2 yr carnivore it’s a term I will start using for myself now …well done !

  8. Great interview. No dogma from any side. Just a pleasant informative talk. Amber is a sweetheart.

    What I took from it: keep an open mind and heart and do whatever works for you specially of you are sick.

  9. I'm exactly the same…I can't eat any plants. Even if this way of eating does pose some sort of a risk, I'd rather live a quality shorter life than a longer one full of suffering. My mental health has never been better. This is such a wonderful podcast!! Thank you both for all of the great information! <3

  10. I'm 60. Excellent health. Muscular. Abundant energy. Never eat veggies. Never liked them. Could never get myself to eat them. My blood panels just came back with great numbers. Just realized that if I'm at this stage of my life and I feel great and strong and testing shows no sign of trouble, veggies must not be that important. Never thought about that until watching this video.

  11. I've been carnivore for almost 6 months. Tried to incorporate some carbs and plants back into my diet but my depression and arthritis came back and hit me harder than ever.

    Thanks for the interview. I love Amber.❤

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