Discussing Vitamin D, Cholesterol, and Hormones on a Keto Diet

Keto Consult #9, In this Consult Jennifer and I discuss Vitamin D and Vitamin D deficiency, and why it’s important for my patients to have a healthy level of …



  1. The high triglycerides in the dialog at time=19:30 are telling us that the person is cheating on their diet or not eating as clean as they think they are. Going from 70 mg/dL in 2013 when she was on a high carb diet to 177 mg/dL in 2018 on a keto diet is completely inverted to what we would expect. This implies that she is either not really keto adapted (possibly taking exogenous ketones?) or is drinking alcohol and interfering with fatty acid/ketone production or is in fact ingesting some form of sugar/carb in her nutrition. Her body should be this time be uptaking the lipids just fine. The other thing that could be going on is high cortisol from stress of some kind or just some kind of impaired liver function. Recommend she get in the gym and do some resistance training and go to a 2x per week One Meal A Day or extended fast 1-2 days 2x per month. Most of us on keto IF get a super good tryglyceride::HDL ratio of under 1.0 after 3-6 months. The only way this data could be this high in triglycerides is if her metabolism simply can't metabolize fatty acids for some reason (missing enzymes or imparied liver or muscle atrop[hy with highly degraded mitochondria).

  2. I would love to hear more about Thyroid! I love these lives and really feel like I learn a lot! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to follow along, learn more and pass this along to spread the word!

  3. Need some advise for hot flashes but I am 65 and have been taking homosexuals supplements for 10yrs. Have been trying to wean off them but still wake up with hot and then cold. Wondering if I should keep weaning off or keep them up.

  4. There's two other things that may account for the higher triglycerides. David Feldman over at CholsterolCode has found that very lean and athletic individuals can be what are called hyper responders. They get an up-shift in basal glucose (with low insulin and decent ketones (0.7-1.2 mmol/L ) but higher LDL and higher triglycerides. He has found too that certain people have a coffee/caffeine sensitivity. Please see this video by Dave at Low Carb Down Under presentation:

  5. Great work ladies. What do I do if I had a total hysterectomy at 44 years old. I had my kids at 37 and 39, breast fed till age 40 then had my surgery at 44. No hot flashes, no ovaries. I have done some keto, LCHF, and Low carb moderate protein(less fats). Ive lost 87 pounds.( started at 287) in about a year. I am stuck at about 200-202. My stall has been about 4 months. I have lowered calories, raised calories, lowered protein, raised protein. IF from 6pm-12:30pm for two weeks. I have tried reading blogs and watching videos about stalls. Insulin resistence and food sensitivities are what may be at play. I am not a diabetic. I am not on any medications. I do not test for glucose. I have successfully done 2 day fasts, 3 day fasts. [ And for spiritual reasons 30 and even 40 days: but these I cannot weigh myself or check ketones because they are not for weight loss but for spiritual reasons.] All this talk about regulating hormones has me thinking____So here is my question. Do I need any hormone supplimentation? I prefer no external hormones due to family Hx of breast cancer ( every female on my mothers side, except me and sister). How does Keto help what hormones I do have or utilize? Do I need to test my glucose AND ketones? ( until now i have only done the strips.) So my take away from this interview: 1.) start fasting weekly: aim for 2.5-3 days( 68-72 hours) 2.)Start testing Glucose/Ketones: aim for 40 or less 3.) alternate days 3-4 days alternating between Keto and protein preserving(lower fat)/ Low carb moderate protein and lower – {like half the g. of fat.} and then the 2-3 days fasting. 4.) KEEP UP my Vitamin D supplimentation! 5.) learn about bone broth and salt, and what liquids to consume durring a not eating fast ( not to be used for my personal spiritual fasts). If this is it, I would sure likely to hear from either of you. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOUR circle of influence.-GJ in MN

  6. I'm 60 years old and add a partial hysterectomy in my late 30s and now I am having "hot flashes". It literally just started. So now I am not sure what I should be doing. This video was for younger women. Can you give me any advise, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Debra

  7. I’ve been having peri-menopausal symptoms for almost 10 years and for the last year symptoms have really picked up (depression, terrible sleep, weight gain, night sweats, brain no longer working at all, weird periods, muscle atrophy, extreme fatigue) widespread joint and muscle pain from something (possibly arthritis or CFS idk) and I’m only 45 years old. Didn’t think I would feel this terrible until I was 60 or more! Trying to decide whether this Keto thing would help with all this…I have to do something for my brain because it is terrifyingly like pre-Alzheimer’s or dementia…I wanted to do all natural self-care through nutrition and not have to be a slave to hormone replacements.
    This was very interesting, thank you.

  8. I am fasting 18 hours a day, no sugar, 20 carbs max a day for three months now, do I really need the glucose/Keaton reader, to be sure I am at the right sugar/ keaton levels? I live in a country without amazon so it would be very hard and expensive to get? any thoughts please

  9. Thanks both of you for videos- wondering about hot flashes too- had on and off for 3 yrs- initially got better when i lost 30 pounds on Keto but now i can’t loose anymore and hot flashes are back- i sweat just like Jennifer- can you do more videos on hot flashes and how to try to control them? THANK YOU to BOTH OF YOU- You are helping so many people with the same issues-I might try the exogenous ketones- can i put this in my morning coffee?

  10. Dr. Boz. I have been doing the Keto diet for one month and one week. I began the diet weighing 340 and in one month and a week I have lost 41 pounds. I had my doc. appointment this past Monday and my bad cholesterol is normal but my good cholesterol is low. Is there anything I can do to get my good up. Thank you in advance.

  11. Jennifer, you are such a natural at live video; and with such a sense of humor. Please be assured that both your and Dr. Boz's personalities as well as the great info make the videos such a pleasure to watch. Chin up and continue the great videos. Dr. Boz, I took HRT for about 10yrs after having ulcerated bleeding ovaries removed. The HRT stopped the hot flashes and night sweats. When the surgeon removed my gallbladder his first question was do you take HRT, and when I said yes, he said "this is so often the cause of the cholesterol gall stones like you have". Can you comment on this? God Bless you both in this series.

  12. When starting keto over a year ago I hadn't had a period in 5 months and was having hot flashes. Got my period once 2 months after starting keto but haven't had a hot flash since and now no period for 7 months. Moods are much better too. Keto for life for me!

  13. I first went into peri-menopause the end of 2011 (I was 45), Started my Masters' degree program in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine… got acupuncture for the irregularity of my menses… Started having my period again very regular, though a bit lighter than before. Restarted my perimenopause a little over a year ago. I have only had one extremely light period in the last 6 months. Maybe ACUPUNCTURE can give her a push!!

  14. FIBROID QUESTION! What if you're making excess estrogen? I am a healthy, 47 yo female 5'1" currently weigh 123. In 2017 I weighed 155 and suddenly one day in the summer of 2017 I could not void my bladder! I had to go get an emergency catheter. After doing an ultra sound they discovered a 10cm fibroid on my uterus. I wasn't experiencing any other complications other than heavy period. But no pain. The obgyn told me to just have a hysterectomy. I refused and sought an alternative route. I discovered a book called the Woman Code by Alissa Vitti who had a special diet for your hormones. I started cutting carbs etc. I was kinda doing keto without even realizing it. At the time I didn't know what keto was. Anyway…. since the ultrasound in 2017 I have NOT had one issue with my bladder. I have lost over 30 pounds and feel great. My monthly periods are like clock work. Since early February 2019 I have added intermittent fasting to my regimen. I fast 4 days a week. M-Th (18 hours) My first meal is at 6am (breakfast) and then noon, nothing but water until the next morning. I recently had a follow up ultrasound and they said the fibroid is still there. I wonder if I keep on this path… it will eventually shrink the fibroids? Any advice? I have so much energy and feel great fasting!!! Thanks for all you do!

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