Diving into Keto VS Easing Into Keto — Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel

Are you the kind of person who can quit something cold turkey, or do you have to ease into it? Watch this video with Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel as he discusses the …



  1. 4 months doing Keto. Love it. My daughter was doing it first and watching her eat this way got me interested. After researching it and it’s benefits, I’m all in. Never thought I could give up grains. Don’t miss them now. Thanks for your video.

  2. As one of those “addicted” to carbs/sugar and a constant binger, I could not do that. I even avoid fat bombs because I would eat The Whole plateful at one time. I have been strict Keto for over a year. No more diabetes. No more high blood pressure, etc. I will never eat any other way.

  3. After several weeks of research, I jumped in and dumped carbs cold turkey. I must have added enough salt and water, because I never had the keto "flu." I couldn't ease in – I never would have stopped carbs that way. Bonus: as soon as I stopped carbs, I stopped craving them!

  4. I’ve done more of an Atkins approach where after a month I upped my carbs to include basic roast and soup veggies. Maybe up to 150 grams on a big day, but normally around 100. I have no desire for grains and do love fruit but I can take it or leave it. Coming from a high carb diet, the initial 30 days brought me right along. Ketosis is okay, but it’s no where to be all the time unless it is your only hope. Way to much nutrition and energy in those potatoes and carrots. And don’t fall for this nonsense about your body either burning fat or glucose. It burns
    Both all the time — primarily fat when sedentary.

  5. I dove in cold turkey 7 weeks ago. Have lost lots of weight. My motivation was a heart attack last Sept. at age 56, helicopter ride, cath lab, two stents placed. Low fat life style pushed by govt failed me. I'm all in for LCHF style for life. Am eating great, tasty, filling, quality foods – eating the foods my body – all our bodies – are evolved to take in, (and I must say, this 'diet' is not hard like the traditional 'calories in calories out starvation diet that is always doomed to failure and weight back on). That why this is such a healthy approach and why it makes perfect sense for rational guy like me! Only problems I've had are some side effects. The 'Keto flu' hit me pretty hard. Then I got low on sodium and chloride and potassium causing some heart palps and not feeling well. (Realized I had to salt my foods heavily to replace all the salt that went away when I dumped all processed foods. Now, I even salt my avocados and coffee and I've purchased Redmond Ancient Sea Salt on-line.) Still struggling a bit to get this right in terms of what to eat and when to eat it. Perhaps I should not have dived in cold turkey, I don't know. I started before I'd studied and understood, but thanks to youtube vids by brilliant folks, I've learned so much. But I'll keep fine tuning my LCHF consumption habits till I get it right. I look at the evidence of the epidemic all around me – overweight metabolically sick people everywhere – and I feel not scorn, but I feel sorry for them for they know not – not what the problem is precisely (body not equipped to handle unnatural (processed) foods) and what to do about it (dump starches, sugars, veg oils, grains) and not what is headed their way with metabolic syndrome and the vast array of ugly impacts, excess insulin, inflammation, coronary artery disease, dementia, stroke……

  6. I enjoyed your talks, all adapts videos are great. I became a partner with Dr. Westman's HEAL HEAL CLINICS because I want to see people change their lives through nutrition and Science based medicine

  7. Cold Turkey worked for me getting started. I didn’t really worry about the calorie intake the first few days….the reduction in calorie intake will come easier with the increase in satiety by eating high fat and protein foods. The breaking of the carbohydrate addiction was dramatic for me. Carbohydrates make me hungrier! I’m almost 56…My why is a mix of “fear” and “tired of being sick and tired”. Being extremely overweight is an insidious condition for me which has affected my soul… it’s my own sin against myself. I do not feel sorry for myself…I do feel sorry for others and the difficulties they are having with their weight, Consider these self thoughts… I will Embrace the Journey, I am the Lucky one!
    Thank you Dr. McDaniel

  8. I enjoyed your video! You provided the pros & cons of each approach; and though your preferred was subtly stated, the door was left open for the second approach. It seems changing your eating lifestyle is a lot like stopping smoking. Most people do not succeed the first time! And we are very early in the cycle of the late 50s and early 60s relative to cigarette smoking 🚬 and the Keto lifestyle during with cigarettes were promoted by both the government and commercial interests despite the increasingly mounting evidence as to the deleterious affects of cigarettes and now the Standard American Diet (SAD).

  9. I studied it thoroughly and dove in 100% after years of plant based to Keto. Sure my body was adjusting big time plus I did intermittent fastening at the same time right off the start. I adjusted with no problems. I don’t see any reason to ever go back to high carbs and sugar… there are plenty of amazing alternative foods/recipes out there.

  10. Dr. Mcdaniel so glad that you've continued to make some videos! Those approaches are different and I will say that every individual is different (from what I've seen) in which way works best. We're almost ready to start up our own feed, I'll send you the info. I'd love to have an interview with you at some point.

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