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  1. Can someone guide me where I can look for trying to calculate my calories. I understand what to eat and the whole 75 20 5 rule but I’m just stuck on trying to figure out calories. Thanks, Alex πŸ™ Edit: I’m a 190 pound (currently at 16% body fat) very physically active 6’2” male wanting a 30% deficit diet. Thanks.

  2. Hi Dr. Berg. I'm thinking of changing my diet from high carb to high fat (Ketosis) diet. I am kind of nervous of this big change. My goal is to gain muscle (as well as increase testosterone ☺) and burn fat from the body. I am pretty active and eat healthy. Do you have any advice on ketosis diet in gaining muscle (not weight loss)? Please respond as this will be appreciated. I am 118 pounds at 5'7.

  3. Dr. Berg that’s funny to me Lmbbo!!!
    Is there a test to see if your body has to much insulin?
    Yes, just look down, & if you can see your belly your body has to much insulin…

  4. Dr Berg-"is there a test you can do to see if you have too much insulin?, just look down, If you can see your belly……"

    Me- smile fades, does not look down…

    I already know what's there 🀨

    Me-"let's get this Keto life on the road!!"

  5. OK…I am ready to start…Thank You for breaking this down because I was lost at where to begin…I went shopping today but there is still so much for me to learn and put together that I am just going to really watch carbs and use foods that I have seen on your videos that are good. I have a question…I am a carb addict so do I need to go into keto lifestyle gradually…once I make up my mind I go strong and wondered if it's good to make a drastic cut…..I don't want to feel bad and then get discouraged. I did have a few carbs today but not grazing as I have been doing and I am going to stop and not eat anymore until tomorrow. I took my fasting glucose this morning and it was 91 so I know I am headed for diabetes if I don't make some changes (yes I have a belly when I look down). I am 65 and 2 years ago I lost 100lbs by watching carbs and exercise so I know how to do it…but I was still eating the wrong combinations and I was keeping calories very low. I didn't gain it all back but I am in a carb addiction situation that I need to break and get to the lean body that will be a much healthier lifestyle. I'm back at the gym and the trainer gave me a good plan…now this will bring it all together. Thank You for your help….by the way…I got a LOT of salad stuff…lol Ready to get started! πŸ™‚ I did sign up for your mini course too.

  6. So half the plate is veggies, a quarter plate is protein, and a quarter is fat. How do I determine the amount of fat that is a quarter of my diet, since a lot of the fat is from meat, avocados, etc?

  7. I've only been on your channel for a short time.
    Already – I'm so glad to have found this particular video.
    It really helps explains things – in bite size chunks πŸ™‚

  8. nice videos. when young i ate merely every 4 to 5 days. why? because i felt like having a meal. i'd go shopping and make a healthy one, usually w/ a serving leftover for the next day. never knew hunger or discomfort ever. never craved anything but bread. it was grains that got me. i have come to learn that they are not the best thing for us. i have been eliminating them entirely from my diet and have had enormous improvements in health. breathing, joint pain, endurance, mental acumen, and overall well-being improves.

  9. Why does he say "you will be eating less calories" on IF. I eat more than I used to. I used to eat 1500, eat throughout the day, and consume way more carbs, Now I consume 2000 calories in a 2-6 hour window and I have lost weight.

  10. I'm obese and have all the symptoms except high blood pressure. My blood pressure runs about 98/60. Could having such a low blood pressure when I know I have insulin resistance be a problem of its own? I'm finding myself tired and dizzy a lot

  11. Dr. Berg, thank you for all you do for us who watch, I am 171 days Keto and have lost 80 pounds, I began 10/01/18, I also started my daughter 23 years old on 12/01/18 at that point she was almost 170 pounds at 4'8" she was obese and since getting her started she has lost 40 pounds 3/19/19 , she was pre diabetic before starting Keto, Her Endocrinologist gave me 1 last time on 11/19/18 with in 4 months to her follow up next visit 3/19/2019 to get her weight under control as well as her blood test, we just saw him and every test he ordered for her came back with the best numbers he has seen and said he didn't need to give her Metformin at this time as long as we continue doing the controlled food plan we are, and asked how I was able to get her down, since 4 months ago, keep in mind he did not give us any type of food plan for her it was knowing what I have learned about Keto from your videos and social support, I told him it was Keto and that I as well as my husband have adapted to Keto lifestyle. We started by cleaning out the pantry area of our kitchen and the 2 refrigerators in November. Thank you

  12. @Dr. Berg, I have been doing keto for 8 days now. I am restricting my carbs to 20g a day due to type 2 diabetes. So far I feel like a dead slug. But I hear the "keto flu" can stick with you for 2-3 weeks. But I was wondering, I know it's actually fine to stay below my target carbs, but is it also ok to stay below my target protein and fat too or should I max those out?

  13. I lost 75 pounds on this. It works and everything he's saying is true. I added daily exercise (running for 30 mins to an hour) which makes the weight go even faster. I was losing 5 pounds a week at one point.

  14. I drink my ketones! My goal was to lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday … and I did it in just 7 months with a few diet changes and a ketones drink each morning! Join Go Keto With Shelly! on facebook to see my journey! πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Dr. Berg
    I appreciate your videos very much. I have a question – "Why shall I be in ketosis all the time? I take low carb. I am lean. I am OMAD already. What is wrong to get out of ketosis and comng back again? "

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