1. Gday jason, just a shout out to you and the keto crew! Wanted to say thank-you for everything you do! Maybe next time I can fly out from Australia and make a bit of a holiday out of it. I watched your videos for over 12 months. I was scared to take the plunge but I did and I’ve been keto for 5 months and gone from 95kg to 78kg and man have people noticed and I am spreading the word! I’ve had 6 people come and ask for help and I have been so damn excited to help them and let them know the truth! Keto is the way of the future and I love proving the nay-sayers wrong.i don’t have social media but I have been thinking about starting my own channel so I can spread the word and my story. All thanks to you my friend. I look forward to the day I get to shake your hand and say thank you. Much love!!!

  2. This weekend was a lot of fun! I will have a vlog up on my channel soon if anyone wants to see how the meet up went from another perspective. Jason put on a great event and was awesome to workout with! I hope to make it to the next keto meet up wherever it may be!

  3. I was pretty miserable ? and frustrated for most of my life! I’m going to be 40 yr this coming April, I found Jason and goodbyts and I have to tell you I’m changing from the outside to the inside day by day! GOD Father please keep this man safe AMEN.

  4. It's crazy what the keto community has become. Years ago when I started keto there wasn't much of a community, or much information out there. I think that's what inspired me to start making videos is the whole "pay it forward" aspect. Helping people find keto that would otherwise not have is amazing. Keep it up man!

  5. I could see and feel a part of how much this moment meant to You Jason, it was all over your face and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Your Authenticity is a strength with in you that I admire greatly , Thank you for the transparency you allow us with in your life. I truly believe you take this Very seriously and by this I mean how you affect the lives of those you hope to inspire . Thank you to your family as well they are amazing. Congratulations on this Epic Meet up ! God Bless you my man! Way To “WittRock it” !!

  6. I started the keto diet 2 weeks ago. I was 256 pounds and now I'm down to 248, I'm so happy with the results!!! I live in Littleton and I didn't know about this meet up!!! I would have love to go!!!
    You are very nice and I just started to following you!!! Keep posting, I love your tips!!!

  7. Wow as someone who’s followed your channel and your keto approach for a year now, I’m just so proud of you, your beautiful family, and everybody showed up in that room! Feeling the keto power and love! Keep up Jason your the bomb!!!

  8. im glad i have a family and a community here that support the main cause. we are all strong together. lets change the fucking world !!! im watching you guys a lot almost every day ! greetings from a Masters student currently living in Glasgow. UK. im originally from cyprus

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