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  1. YOU saved my life. I was 340 pounds, I am on OMAD KETO combo and I have never felt better in my entire life, it gave me the energy and discipline to quit smoking (cigarettes) after a decade. Thank you so much. You changed my life and outlook on food and health.

  2. I just recently made a video about the instant gratification people try to achieve with Keto, time and time again I see people trying to rush so much with such a nutritional way of living and if they would just sit back keep it simple be creative with whole food without adding tons of junk in it, it would be very successful. It's sad that there are so many people out there promoting such a rushed way to do keto when they could just simply relax don't stress over it stick to a protocol… whole food-based Keto and just let it take them for the ride because it's such a wonderful life.

  3. Hey Tristan! Good video as usual man! I have a question for you, I know consciousness is something your fascinating by and are probably knowledgeable about. Itโ€™s something I kinda wanna learn about my self. If you reply would you point me in a good direction to go & learn about this topic? Books etc. oh and even any other books that you felt like have benefited you & your life. Thanks dude. And my god is rider growing fast kiddo is a beast!

  4. I do it because I am dying. High blood pressure. Very extreme toxic body skinny fat. I love steak and eggs. Just love it. I starved for 50 hours. And then gone 24 hours no food. Before I eat tuna lots of it no sugar. So I am in it. I eat tuna and avocado every night olive oil. Cheese coconut oil. And chi and flax seeds.

  5. I have a question about the concept of fat from the body or fat from the plate. Do I need to consume any fat at all? or can I just get my protein in, restrict carbs and then let my body consume all of my stored fat for energy? because I would happily eat just 3 eggs and 2 steaks once a day If I could.

    Or do I have to consume some fat to turn on the "switch" that starts the process of burning fat as fuel?

  6. Patience is key. We live in the "have to have it now" society. I started Keto last year and never checked my ketones. I just made sure my electrolytes were in check, protein was hit, and I got around 60 – 65% fat a day. The rest came from my body. It wasn't an overnight change, but I lost 65 lbs last year. I ate right, exercised, and reduced my stress. Just be consistent and smart and you should have success. Love your channel. Keep the good stuff coming.

  7. What up from Riverside bro! Love the channel, your content, your stance, your worldview, stay true my bro and keep the good stuff rollin. Peace Love and God Bless!

  8. Always honest truthful info , now I love eating cyclic keto and 18 hr fast , but , when we look at the cenentarians as the human longevity project showed none of these people ate keto or vegan or Paleo by the way , they ate real local foods and a mix of it and they're cenentarians , I do cyclic keto cause I feel best that way and the way you approach it is honest and truthful

  9. Have you done or will you do a video about how you wound up in the Andes like that? Do you need a roommate lol j/k

    Would love to leave this nightmare western civ and go live long and prosper in the beautiful high elevation Andes. And go to Salar de Uyuni every summer.

  10. My ketone level is 0,4 – 0,5 and Iโ€™ve been eating around 75/20/5 (f/p/c) for years. Iโ€™m actually happy about this because I feel like Iโ€™m using my ketones for energy, theyโ€™re not just floating around my body aimlessly. Iโ€™m extremely efficient at using fat for fuel ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish more people would understand that. Great video !

  11. For me I don't worrie myself about getting into ketosis fast it doesn't matter I trust my body and how it feels keto has saved my life. I quit smoking a year and half ago and lost good amount of weight now I want to explore body balance and good movement for my back I have explored alternative medicine for my own health it's hard sometimes my wife is really sick she has eds and pots mass cell activation syndrome and she wants to try keto to help her I worrie because she is so small and skinny she needs to gain weight I am not sure keto would help but thankyou for the videos they truly help and have affected lots of people in a positive way for a better life

  12. Golden information. Ever since I bought my keto mojo around Christmas time I chased high levels. People talk about deep ketosis with levels. Funny thing is I've had a platau in weight loss ever since. Low levels-need more mct oil ghee butter or coconut oil.

  13. I been off and on Keto, the last 5 years-for me, its a way to live healthy –I'm 64 and in the last 3 mo I lost 40 lbs–metally refreshed –lifting weights walking riding recumbent bike-sex drive is back–I have 2 bad knees but no more Advil- I feel like I'm 15 yrs younger already and I'm not stopping here–If there is anybody who wants to chat about it hit me up!

  14. Glad to know this because we are going to go onto the keto diet but we can't afford to buy all of the things to check our ketones. We were just going to start off by getting rid of all the many many carbs we eat and start eating more things like meats and things like eggs again.

  15. Interesting video. I think that there is definitely a time and a place to measure ketones and bg levels.
    While I agree chasing numbers (in relation to ketones) is not a good idea, knowing what combination of foods and in what quantity allows ketosis is a very important tool, especially for those early in the ketogenic path.
    IMHO everyone should be checking their (& their families) BG levels to ascertain whether or not they need to make changes to their diet and avoid the complications of diabetes (going keto is a great way to do this) Checking need not be done continuously – one fasted BG finger prick would have diagnosed my T1 diabetes much earlier.
    The numbers don't lie – if you have elevated fasting BG levels your metabolic health is suffering. One finger prick is cheap insurance, two is confirmation, 100's & 1000's are just what diabetics do to help manage their BG.
    Don't be the latter – do something about it now.

  16. Great vids! I started my Ketogenic journey March 2018. I have already lost 20 pounds. I mainly did it to lower my cholesterol and because I was pre-diabetic. I have not actually tested to see if I am actually in ketosis. I diligently keep my carb grams to around 50 each day. Before I started this lifestyle plan, I was eating around 500 grams of carbs a day. I was feeling sleepless for the first entire week when I started. Anyways, when can I do one cheat meal a week. I really miss eating sushi!-lol. Cheers!

  17. It goes without saying, but the production value on your vids has gone up quite a bit. Love the nature and food shots. Thanks for helping us out on the keto journey.

  18. Hey been watching you for quite some time and am personally on a keto diet as lifestyle. My 4year old son has developed tics that were minor at first and in the span of just 2 weeks has drastically progressed into seizures and has been diagnosed with petit mal seizures.. doctor wants him on meds but we refuse, he also has not been immunised at all and is also going to be homeschooled. We just started him yesterday on a keto diet as well as thatโ€™s the route we want to go with and hope for the best.. hoping for some advice or support on any ways to help him further or faster, itโ€™s also difficult to try and get him to eat a keto diet.. itโ€™s so troubling and stressful as prior to this he was extremely intelligent and very ahead for his age and since this he has reverted to being toddler like and is finding it extremely difficult to focus. His tics are very frequent, about 3-4 per minute most of the time.. thanks for any and all responses

  19. That gay vid of Thomas Delauer keeps showing up with him showing off his half naked bod, feet crossed in bed eating a bowl of cereal. ๐Ÿ˜ฒAhhhh!!! OMG when will it stop!!!

  20. Hi Tristan , Iโ€™m doing the keto diet for insulin resistance was on many diabetes meds and since I started Iโ€™ve stopped the meds was feeling great …. until insomnia hit ! Any information ? Love your channel . Great content , thank you for all the help .

  21. Can you go Keto while breastfeeding? My son is 15 months so not a newborn or anything, obviously lol.. just wondering if itโ€™s safe? I have read that you should have at least 50gms of carbs per day if you are?

  22. New subbie here , I started keto today and im so so lozt ! All i no iz to eat meat and no sugar low carbz , I'm so glad i found your channel .I need all the info i can get on keto.

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