Finished The Keto Egg Fast/Diet Week…Now What?

Finished The Keto Egg Fast/Diet…Now What? So you finished the ketogenic egg fast / diet? Great job! But now what do you do? What should you eat after …



  1. I would like you to experiment with carnivore diet for 2 weeks and make a video with the resaults or tell us your thoughts on carnivory its getting a lot of attention lately in the keto comunity…

  2. Hey this is my 4th day on the egg diet. However i havent seen any weight lose im 5'2 150lbs ive running 20mins a day on my treadmill and consume 8 eggs a day. I did add spinach and avocado to the diet. Do you think thats why i am not seeing any results?

  3. Wow I really enjoy ur videos. You are nice to listen to , educated, and have a great personality. Thank you for passing on ur knowledge. Much appreciated. I'm utilizing this egg fast right now

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