FLuffy Keto Pancakes |Gluten-Free | Keto recipes | Low Carb

This Fluffy Pancakes are light and have a soft mouth texture. It has an extra step of beating the egg whites but it is so worth it. It works great for when you have …



  1. The music adds nothing to your video. I can hardly hear what you say (since you make recipe video's, what you say might be important). Voice over, beater and (annoying) music is to much…. Keep it simple. Pancakes look nice! X

  2. Tried this recipe this morning with my mother in law we both loved it, this is so perfect! There are two others we like and yours topped both of those. We like the one with cream cheese and the other (a more savory pancake) made with pork rinds BUT THIS ONE? We just love this one, this is a keeper Sonal's food! Thanks for sharing this one!

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