Fruits verse Berries on a Ketogenic Diet

Give Dr. Berg a Review: Dr. Berg talks about fruits and berries on a ketogenic diet. Fruits generally have a higher sugar content …



  1. This was very helpful info! You have my appreciation and loyalty Dr. I also am extremely happy with the results I am getting using the k2/d3 supplement I purchased off of your web site….thanks for being a bright and shining light within the medical community! I love that you earn your income by helping and serving rather than enabling people to remain slaves to old medical dogmas! Thank you again for helping me save my life.

  2. Hi. I'm trying to find the nutritional value of wild grapes that are v sour, small and seeded. I'm thinking they must be much lower in carb/sugars. Anyone know of their nutritional values? Can't seem to find on google. Thanks

  3. What are your thoughts on grape nuts? I know they are full of wheat, I just remember in my thinnest years, years ago, I ate pretty much nothing but grapenuts nonfat milk and blueberries and I was in best shape. I wonder why that worked.

  4. Dr Berg thank you so much for your gracious, elegant way of presenting your advice and invaluable knowledge. We were at the beach yesterday and a very fit professional diver told my husband that I was looking good and fit ( I am 68). I have been going the intermittent fasting and keto for 2 weeks, my husband a week. He feels fantastic except cannot sleep much hence my looking at this video. There are some very obese people in the town that we live in and I wish I could share the good news with them.. I hope I can without offending people! THANKS AGAIN…..your contribution is superb, and user friendly. My husband adores the bread and the pizza recipe you have provided.

  5. I don’t think its a good idea to don’t eat fruits at all our body needs a lot of vitamins, I started Keto like 48 days ago and i don’t feel good my doctor told me that i have to get fruits because the fruits Contains a lot of vitamins like B2,C,A, and the very important its the potassium that we can find it in the bananas, please Dr. explain to me how i can get vitamins with out getting fruits? Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    I have been reading all the comments and I think I see why some people don't agree with that against fruits rule. I am new to keto (only 3 days in) but I have been researching a lot. Here is my 2 cents.

    If you are doing keto or planning to do so, it may be because you need to solve some health issues (major or minor), lose weight, gain energy, mind clarity and so forth. That means there is probably a hormonal disorder already in place in your body, possibly insulin resistance.
    And to reduce insulin and be healthier, you need to avoid everything that will cause high spikes of insulin and give time to your body to heal itself; hence, the keto and fasting alliance.

    So, avoiding fruits in the situation of a hormonal disorder that causes health and weight problems is logical. When you achieve your goal, the same rules will apply if you don't want to get back to where you started, but maybe with some room for occasional treats if you want to. You will have the knowledge of how your body function and can, therefore, support it when healing is needed.

    Some people don't need this because they have no hormonal problem and that's ok. But even for them, keto and IF can be used as a preventive measure to avoid having to be so strict in the long run.
    Remember, people don't get fat or ill overnight. It takes years of bad habits because you don't have the knowledge. So you may be ok now and I was too but remember it's either because you have healthy habits or your body is doing a heck of a job to keep you in shape. But it can do so for so long… Some of us are learning this lesson the hard way and I wouldn't wish that for my worst enemy. So if you can learn today and not be sorry tomorrow, please don't miss out!

    So need to fight. Make your decisions in regard to your situation and let the others have the same right.
    That's what I get from Dr Berg message. Also, thanks to him for giving me and so many the information to be healthy again.

    I started october 31st at 114kg (251 lbs) and this morning I was at 113.6 kg (249 lbs) so 2 lbs lost. I am 5 ft 8.
    I have been very slim up until 25 years old then all went wrong (I am 36 now). At that time I was between 114 and 121lbs for the same height. So extra slim. I didn't like that and always wanted to gain weight. I guess they are right when they say to be careful what you wish for…
    My goals are to have more energy, get back to working out as I used too, be more healthy and get back to a weight of 154lbs (70kg).
    Wish me luck
    Sorry for the eventual mistakes, I am actually French.
    Great success to all of you

  7. Dr berg your wrong about fruit sugar. It is essential to us. It doesn’t trigger insulin to break it down. So what is the problem? It is a slow releasing source of energy. And a building block. Telling people not to eat fruit is depriving them of the benefits of fruit. Fruit is even more of a natural food source to humans than vegetables are.

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