1. I struggle every day. I have a great husband and daughter that help me focus on the good things in my life. Very few people know that I suffer from depression and anxiety. Working out and focusing on food prep gives me a purpose outside of the context of work and such and I'm really good at cooking😊 I try to surround each aspect of my day with positivity, and you're a big part of that👍 Thanks for all you do.

  2. Goodybeats!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS MEN .. ME DOING FULL BODY WORKOUTS ON A KETOGENIC DIET LIKE MY GAINS WERE TRIPLED … RESEARCH SHOWS THAT FULL BODY WORKOUTS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE IN PUTTING MUSCLE MASS.. I hope I can see your feedback about full body workout like seriously dr.berg recommends full body workout and brandon carter too on youtube regrets not doing full bodycworkout because he puts the most amount of size because of that routine.. LOVE YOU MEN KEEP UP THE GOOD VIDEOS!

  3. Your energy and enthusiasm comes from very deep inside and that makes a great human being. God bless your beautiful family today and forever….now a question: I’m doing keto but I’m very skinny, should I do a surplus to get some muscle up? 😎

  4. Family, family, family yes my bro! That’s what it’s all about. But also glad to see the prayer, that’s what I wanted to add. I rest in the hope of Jesus! He will take all your burdens away and set you free. Much Love and God Bless you and yours my bro! ☝🏽

  5. Honestly, I like the fact that you go out to eat a lot in your videos. It helps give me ideas on how to stay keto at restaurants, and it's also encouraging that I can go out and have options and not just stay home. Keep the videos coming!

  6. And goodybeats you only need to workout three times a week and have four rest days men … but not gonna lie it is more exhausting.. nevertheless full body workouts according to researches that it is the best most optimal time efficient program out there.. splits does not make sense when you hunt an animal to kill like you need to use your full body .. LOVING YOUR VIDS MEN KEEP IT UP

  7. Most of the exercises is compound exercises and youvonly hit isolation movements like bicep curls tricep extensions abs and calves thats it and the rest will be compound exercises like you can hit each muscle group 18 sets per week .. not on splits 15 sets .. and the most important 1-2 days the protein synthesis last long only on that time frame .. but you hit all muscle groups on monday then rest on tuesday then wed hittin it hard then thursday rest friday hittin it againthen saturday rest sunday rest then repeat .. I HOPE YOU CAN GIVE YOUR HONEST FEEDBACK THANK YOU!!

  8. Hey logan, I've been doing keto for 2 months now and I Have never felt better! Not only have I lost 16 lbs, but my energy level has increased tremendously! However, today my mother received her colonoscopy results and the doctor told her she had noncancerous polys, but that if she continues eating a lot of red meat they could potentially cause colon cancer. I was upset because I feel amazing with this diet and I will not discontinue doing it, however, I am concerned. Do you think the doctor was referring to non grass fed meats? He mentioned processed and regular meats. I understand this diet has very trusted healh care professionals debating both sides but I would like to know your knowledge. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  9. First of all your daughter of yours she is so sweet i am about to chew the screen. :-)))))) Goody you are too good to be true, don't ever lose it.  Much love for all you are doing.

  10. I've been on Keto for a little over a month and have lost like 18lbs. I love it, and not just because of the weight loss. Been following your journey since I started bro! Question: what are your thoughts on not having to eat that 70-80% of fat because your body will use the fat that you already have? I heard this on another channel (Tristen-Primal Edge) just wanted to get your thoughts on it.

  11. He is the 2nd celebrity that I adored (the other is Jonghyun Kim, check out his music and performances on YouTube) and who looked like he had it all to take his life in the past 6 mos. and it's just shocking and depressing. Yeah, you never know what people are going through so be kind. Leave a good impression and TRY to spread happiness and be kind always. Just be conscious of it.

  12. Hi B-Lo and Crystal! She is a total doll. The snacks look awesome. God, I would kill for a beer. Nice salad and pizza too. 😻 was all about that bottle though. Styling hat, 😻!👍🏼Lovely vlog.🙌🏼 I still want to see Herditary, love Toni Colette. 😸

  13. I am currently 16 and I have football practice witch is basically conditioning and weight lifting from 6:30 to around 8:30 all summer long , would you suggest me to workout fasted ? I really want to do the int. Fasting and keto

  14. Yo I did the salt thing and almost made me throw up, now I have stomach cramps. Day 2, Idk if I did too much or what but I did about a teaspoon and been getting stomach aches that come and go.

  15. Depression is a silent killer. Honestly tho, in todays world too many people suffer from it and other mental diseases. Like its so widespread but its like nobody cares about it, because its not a visual thing. To me thats the most sad part about mental diseases ;( I myself suffer from it, and have my whole life. It comes and goes.

  16. Hey goody! I’ve been on the keto diet for a lil over two weeks now. And I’m a big guy and was use to eating a lot of food in one sitting. What kind of foods could I eat that would be more filling and would keep me filling full for longer?

  17. Goody just wondering since I want to lose belly fat I want to start the keto but can I fast from 8 to 1 in the afternoon and my first meal will be bacon and egg & my second meal will be at 8 and it will include chicken and rice and broccoli but for my second meal can I switch in between broccoli and asparagus? If I’m doing anything tell me !

  18. Hey brother 3rd week since i was licky enough to find your channel.iam trying to het inro the keto diet and iam doing all the research i can vefore i started do you have any tips on getting your body pre keto ready also any tips on a guy that works grave yard

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