Gut Bacteria & Your Keto Diet

Meat and cheese are fun foods on a ketogenic diet, but if they are the only foods you’re eating, your gut health is suffering. We share how the bacteria living in …



  1. I just read the label of a probiotic I've been taking, it doesn't have sugar in it luckily, but in tiny print it says "Refrigerate after opening." — Never saw that before…something to keep in mind.

  2. Hey, Dr. Becky & Dr. Keith.
    Can you do a video on what motivated both of you on your weight loss journeys!?
    I believe I saw a video on dr. Becky Channel talking about how she was overweight when she was younger but I don't believe we ever heard Dr Keith story about what eventually got him to the point that said enough is enough and lost that amount of weight. I feel this could be very inspiring for people that are feeling like I don't know I just can't do it I don't have the willpower! whatever, whatever.
    Thanks to you both!

  3. I can't get into ketosis with vegetables in my diet. What do you recommend? I am hoping that this is temporary and I can add vegetables back in but I tried the ketogenic diet for 4 months with vegetables and I could not get into ketosis. I am now doing 10 to 15 grams of carbs daily which only allows me very very few vegetables. I am much closer to ketosis now without the vegetable carbs.

  4. Love your videos. Love this "background" and sitting at the table. And… love that you are looking at the camera more. Well done. But.. most of all…I love your good advice. Solid researched information presented clearly. Keep up the good work. I am not doing Keto ….. but… a couple of years ago, I started by following a Paleo/Primal plan a la Mark Sisson, but have now tweaked it to the following: Your 0-1-2-3 plan and limiting good carbs to 75 – 90 grams per day and doing a 15-9 intermittent fasting schedule. My good carbs are starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and peas plus 1 small serving of berries. Those are the carbs that I count and limit to 75-90 carb grams per day. I don't count the carbs in the non-starchy vegetables.

  5. Good topic! I teach microbiology and cover the microbiome in detail. Imbalances in the natural flora affects many conditions and diseases. It can even affect mood. A study in Australia showed that high performance in athletes have a different microbiome than athletes that are less competitive. The study narrowed the difference down to a couple of species. They are currently running a study with supplementing with certain bacteria to see how performance improves. The direction of medicine will be moving to very specific supplementation of meds/drugs and adjusting the microbiome based on your specific DNA profile.

  6. New subscriber today! I've been on again/off again keto for 3 years. Been strict keto since March 19. It's a challenge when no one else in the house (3 other adults) is interested in eating this way. Anyway, a suggestion for a future video would be on the subject of homemade milk kefir. If I've done my research correctly, one can take a cup of whole milk with 12 grams of carbs down to 1 gram of carb simply by leaving the milk ferment in the kefir grains. The grains eat up the sugar in the milk, and the residual milk product is now filled with healthy gut probiotics and a drastic reduction in carbs. A second fermentation could almost completely eliminate that last carb. Last night, I used my kefir as a milk replacement for sugar free instant jello, and the end product was wonderful. My dog is enjoying the added probiotics, as well, as a treat. I haven't found anyone on YouTube following a LCHF/Keto plan who has tried/discussed homemade kefir as something in their low carb arsenal of foods. I'd be interested to learn what you think about homemade milk kefir. Many thanks, Debbie

  7. Thank you for the info it’s very appreciated.
    I am trying to stay under 20 carbs per day, getting veggies in is a bit of a challenge. If I ferment my own veggies does the fermentation process eat a percentage of the carbs in the veggies, thus being able to eat more?
    Also is juicing veggies something you would recommend?
    Thank you for any help.

  8. Hi 2 Fit Docs, could you share what's in your typical large salad? I've seemed to hit a plateau and subtle changes in my salad seemed to make my weight bounce up and down (more often up). Thanks!

  9. Hi, I love your videos so much. Thank you. I just was reading online the other day a scholarly article about studies regarding artificial sweeteners altering the micro biome of the gut. Apparently they all did it except Stevia was not tested. Just artificial sweeteners. Obviously Whatever you two are doing is absolutely working and I am following suit. But I thought that was interesting. I’m sorry I can’t remember the website. It was a bit of hard slog for me but I think you would have no problem reading it LOL considering your occupation.

  10. I actually find that Kombucha often has added sugar. (It’s supposedly made with sweetened tea!?) I’ve found a fermented liquid “supplement “ in the Gut Shots by Farmhouse Cultures. (Check Whole Foods or your local health food stores.)

  11. If you can't remember your slogan neither will your followers, so you better change it, just a friendly straight comment, I am in advertising a little, FYI. I like your info better than others on Youtube. Your videos are filled with facts that are absolutely wonderful but hard to find inner key details in the video, so what do you think, could you make these facts more visible. You could make shorter videos with info that would be more targeted to fit a descriptive title for the video so people will find it.

  12. Thank you for all your great videos. I make my own yogurt using whole milk and a good culture based yogurt as starter. No sugar and it tastes great. It is also very easy to make and doesn't cost much.

  13. After hearing that polyunsaturated oils (from seeds) are unstable oils that oxidise very fast (short shelf life), I'm now storing all my seed oils as if they were as fragile as Flaxseed oil. I used to take that daily for omega 3 dosage, and it was even sold cold, from refrigerators (in the health shops). Free radicals are not something I want to consume whilst healing my gut! Like you, I only cook with saturated fats.

  14. I totally agree with zero sugar, 1 cup salad and 2 cups of the cooked veggies but would like to know the impact of eating less than three hours before bed…hubby insists on dinner at 730 and sometimes 8pm and I am in bed by 9pm….

  15. Kefir has 12 grams of carbs but 1 cup a day is like 10 bottles of probiotic pills are a waste. You said in a low carb diet 120 g of carbs. Kefir is amazing good. Kefir grains eat the sugar and lactic acids during its growth.

  16. I hear bone broth does wonders for the flora. The flora starts from mouth to the exit. Fermented foods like sour kraut and kimchi are aresome for the flora. Coconut milk kefir is awesome as well. Throw the pills away. Ha ha ha. Love your channel you both are helping me in my journey.

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  18. Fabulous info! I just looked at your items that you recommend. I looked into the Inulin powder….. Wondering why you didn't talk about this in this video? Or maybe you did and I missed it. Do you suggest this in addition to those Pure caplets?

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