Habits You Must Change to Go Keto

It is difficult to change habits in any area of life. When you switch from a high-carb to a ketogenic lifestyle, you need to change many habits. In this video, we …



  1. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your keto journey with us. I've been keto for almost a year and a half. Probably the toughest thing for me to give up was my breakfast smoothies. I had a green smoothie every morning, with LOTS of fruit. I thought I was doing something very healthy and good for me. Little did I know that I was setting myself up to become quite insulin resistant. Going very low carb (20g or less) is slowly helping to change that.

  2. We used to order Chinese takeout at least once a week. Also, I ate popcorn nearly every afternoon at work around 3pm. I do miss popcorn but it's not worth it to eat or anymore. My husband has lost 85 pounds over the past two years and continues to lose weight. He was 265 at his top weight, hyperinsulinemic, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and triglycerides. All his numbers are great now. We'll never go back and love this lifestyle!

  3. I should have watched but triggered. Keto changes the bad stuff FOR YOU. you get ADDICTED to good things instead of becomming obsessed with NOT DOING THE WRONG THINGS. (probably what its point is but couldnt get that far.) Tried my entire life to do the good things and stop doing bad. FAIL. UNTIL… keto.

  4. The only habits I truly dropped are eating nutella or jam on toast for breakfast and putting milk in my tea.
    I still eat bread (self made, no grains), I still eat breakfast but keep about 5 h between meals, I still eat only 3 times a day, I still eat ice cream (self made, by putting flavdrops into 40% fat quark and freezing it for an hour, or making some in my ice cream machine), I still eat chocolate (85%) every day, I still drink soft drinks when eating out (but the diet option).
    I have never been big on candy, but I used to love milk chocolate and white chocolate. Now it's icky to me. Same with store-bought ice cream, much too sweet. Something I now also omit, but that wasn't a "habit" as I'd define it are starchy veggies.

  5. P🤦‍♀️roblem: I want my feedin👄g window 🥦🥑🥬🥒🌶🍳to close at 7:00pm 🕰w/o lowering my calorie in take so I don’t slowdown my metabolism. But I’m still full from lunch 🥗 so I’m only eating around 700 calories a day. I do get hungry by 10pm but I don’t want to eat that late🌒. What to do?🤷‍♀️

  6. ice cream after dinner, popcorn or potato chips before dinner… I started just stopping eating or drinking anything after dinner. Did that for a few months and then added low carb…NOT very low but just not eating sugary stuff…then added NO bread (very difficult for me) for a few more weeks added to the no food after dinner routine. Went on 2 seven day cruises and stuck to the low carb style and never gained any weight. Heard about Keto and decided to give it a try, added IF after listening to Dr Fung on Youtube…and today after 18 months all the above…minus 80# and I'm 77…

  7. Alright do you really want to hear this…ok here we go …my eating habits were carb driven …..breakfast cereal … morning coffee with Sugar 2 or 4 or more 🍪 …lunch sandwich brown bread.. followed by a banana heathly right … after noon cup of tea piece of 🍰 … supper perhaps some sort of pasta dish with fish or meat @ veggies …..cocoa @ cookie before bed …Good lord how on earth did I keep this up day after day ….So the change came.like a light bulb moment when my daughter was told she was pre diabetic it was a shock …I was ok ….goodness knows how …So cut a very long story short…we now intermittent fasting for 18/6 and eat one small meal of meat @ salad ..@ a larger one of meat or fish with leafy greens…we have cream in our 2 cups of coffee…@ perhaps a couple of squares of dark chocolate as a treat …we are never hungry it's a new year miracle 💖 happy new year to you both 💗oh @ my daughter is no longer pre diabetic….also a Christmas miracle 💖

  8. 5-9pm was my witching hours, I couldn’t control my eating during that time frame. Now my wife and I do OMAD/KETO and eat at 7:00 pm as we both work late but I became KETO adapted by doing OMAD/KETO having my meal at lunch and prefer that now but my wife and I wanna be able to eat together.

    M wife and I were talking the other day and now we savor everything we eat, every salad is delicious. Every nut, piece of meat is 10x better now then when we would say “what do we want for dinner? Pizza, Burger King, mc Donald’s, Chinese and was just so sick of the horrible taste!”.

  9. Hi Docs. I had to completely empty my pantry and frig. Throwing away EVERYTHING that didn't fit my new lifestyle. Including 90% of my large cookbook collection. I now store lots of paper towels, toilet paper and dog food on those empty shelves. Also, I was a member of the "clean plate club". Leaving food on my plate or throwing out leftovers was a sin! You know, all those starving children. Lastly, I only buy whole, low carb, high fat foods where the label (if there is one) has 3 ingredients or less.

  10. I used to eat one to two 12 oz cups of lucky charms, a beer, some chips and salsa and maybe a bowl of ice cream. No more of that. Not even in the house. And down 90 lbs until this winter thing. But now back on track to lose another 40 lbs. Hockey is so much better not carrying the extra weight. But more to go with the refocus on when I am eating. Come on spring!

  11. I started tracking every mouthful and balancing my macros…not something everyone does. But I personally realized that I had no idea what I was eating, how much, or what was right for me. Sometimes it felt like the old Jewel Quest games where I had to match it up…and I was losing the board. But, after 7 months of eating this way…I have the hang of it…50# down and my A1C went from 6.8 to 5.4. Size 22 down to a 14. I have 50# to go to get to 160#. I would say changing your lifestyle habits is absolutely key to this working.

  12. Hey, Hey, I must say it looked
    usual with you Doc's sitting on
    the opposite side's of the table. You always give us good
    advice and I know what you're
    talking about with the ice cream. I would use to buy a
    carton and eat the whole thing
    before I would eat anything else. Thank God I am doing
    much better now trying to not
    eat like that and not buy it anymore. Luv watching ya.

  13. Sorry this is a long comment but I really need some advice on this.
    My mother (89) has just been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I've been nagging her for years about her high simple carb intake, but she just can't get it. She just says "I know lots of people who are pre-diabetic, and anyway I've been eating lots of sugar and bread all my life and it's never done me any harm" (!*!) She can't accept that the results she's got are an accumulation of years of feeding her body the wrong things. I live a long way from her but when I visit I'll make sure the house and freezer are stocked with healthy low carb food that she'll enjoy. When she needs more help at home I'll up sticks and go to live with her, then I'll be in charge of her diet 🙂 but 1) that may be too late and 2) I'm sure we'd both be happier if she can stay independent as long as possible. In the meantime she's doing things like substituting cream crackers for bread and thinks that will make me happy :-p.
    I don't feel like I can just give up and let her carry on going downhill when I've had such a rejuvenation after going keto/low-slow carb. Any advice as to how I can handle this?

  14. I had a Dunkin Donut habit many years ago, stopping in almost daily for “coffee” and leaving with coffee and two donuts. When I went low carb I knew that habit had to stop; I now drive by my local DD almost every day and say “Eight, almost nine, years since I’ve been inside a Dunkin Donutsl.” I find it very motivating.

  15. I would say one of the hardest carbs to have let go (cold turkey, mind you…no substitutes or anything of the kind to help me thru it) was my Hazelnut coffee syrup (2 oz shot) along with lots of heavy cream (the hwc I kept 😊 ) religiously EVERY morning. It was such a highlight for me, should I have run out and forgot to replace would seriously emotionally ruin my morning (sad, but…that was the carb addiction to it). I'm so thankful to know longer be held captive by the syrup… And I enjoy my coffee in the morning now with some hwc and don't have the physiological response I once had…free! 😊

  16. Thanks for uploading only informed, science based, unbiased information with no ulterior motive other than good health for everyone. 🙂

    …Along with 2 Fit Docs, my most recommended include: Dr. Eric Berg (<–constantly uploads great content), Thomas DeLauer, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Gundry, Dr. Annette Bozworth, Logan Sneed, KenDBerryMD, Dr. Sten Ekberg, Dr. Eric Mercola, Keto Connect, High Intensity Health. …loving the advice you all offer! Thanks again.

  17. Keto is another word for soul food. It's the meat industry's marketing of disease. Imagine, folks so dumb they grease their butts drinking bottled oil after plugging their rectum with meat. LOL, a meat marketer's dream…what a creative solution to meat constipation..just do an oil change.

  18. Can I ask you some test? I saw your test to check wonder bulletproof coffee get our body out of ketosis. I have a dairy allergy. So I substitute butter to cacao butter. Can you test that cacao butter get us out of ketosis for vegeterians.

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