Hands Free Yoga Workout – Yoga With Adriene

15 min Hands Free Yoga Workout! Get centered, relieve stress and tone the legs as you nurture the spine! (Seriously, this one is awesome for the legs and booty …



  1. So glad I found this practice as my arm is currently bandaged up after I cut it badly on some glassware on Friday! My first thought was I won't be able to do yoga everyday! Thanks as always Adriene xxxx

  2. WE are changing my life for the better one breath at a time. All the thanks in the universe. I'd like to request a "Yoga for tennis elbow video"?
    Blessing to you, Bengi, and the YWA family

  3. I broke my right arm a week ago; and it has been so limitating! Thank you for considering all options and all colors of the spectrum Adriene! I was able to something as beautiful as yoga even without both arms. I am incredibly thankful with you and all the things I have learnt. Gracias!!! <3

  4. Doing your other videos for Love Yo' Self, since it's daytime here so I have to wait to do your Bedtime Yoga practice.
    As much as I love chaturangas and planks, not using our hands felt like a breeze. LOVIN' THE SHAKE!!!!! Waking my body up in a great way!

  5. Hi everyone,could anyone comment or advise me please,i have completed a week of complete beginner yoga with Adriene and im unsure what /where to go now,im not a complete beginner and have pretty good flexibility but wanted to start at the beginning again,watching from the Uk,thankyou in advance xxx

  6. Hello lovely people, can anyone in this beautiful community suggest some videos I could use to introduce my Dad to yoga? He had a serious car accident 20 years ago and as a result his right ankle joints are almost completely fused so he can't put a lot of weight on them or do any balancing on his bad leg. Enjoy your weekend everyone ❤️

  7. I'm loving all the variety in the february calendar! I'm looking forward to the rest of the month practises, I'm discovering and learning so much. Can't wait for sunday's Peaceful Warrior Yoga! And I'm also loving the True days in between so so much. Thank you ❤ ??

  8. An enjoyable practice to relieve my hands and wrists. I so appreciate hands free yoga because I use my hands and wrists and arms in my work as a Sign Language Interpreter. Thank you ? Namaste ??

  9. Woohoo day 16 down and I loved it, really kept me present, thank u Adriene for picking this video for today and hope everyone had a lovely practice and love u all, Namaste ??????

  10. I had a terrific night after a repeat of her time yoga. This morning, I was in wonderful spirits and this practice was the icing on the cake! Thank you for the start of a beautiful day.

  11. Thanks for the practice today Adrienne! I don't know if it's because of pms, the weather heat or the consumption of snacks but I'm feeling so sluggish. I made it to the mat today and like always I never regret it. See you guys tomorrow! ?

  12. You have been choosing the yummiest pracisince January 2 this year. Love it pleas keep up these yummy calendars for the rest of the year as I love the slower pace and. How I feel after each of these practices. Thanks.

  13. i loved this practice, thank God no downward facing dog :))) just kidding, i felt that after the last awsome yoga sequences respectively selflove yoga and bed time yoga this short yet efficient yoga practice makes moving from the center a must :)) somthing that always amazes me a "behaviour" that i want to adopt in all my other day activities.
    Thank you Adriene for being there and for working hard to gift us those wonderful videos.
    Peace and love everyone

  14. I suffer badly with my hands and wrists, so this was good for me. A short and sweet body strengthener. I will find Yoga For Healthy Wrists … sounds good ?, thanks Adriene ???

  15. I had a great sleep, following Bedtime Yoga – too relaxed even to post!! This morning's practice was perfect, toning the legs, easing the neck and shoulders yet giving the wrists a break. Thank you Adriene x

  16. Love yo self feb: today was really tiring for me had a late night so didn’t do my yoga this am. Didn’t want to miss a day so completed this shorter one in its place! Not sure if I am doing it wrong but I don’t feel anything in my core in triangle pose. I have finger tips gently brushing ground and front leg straight. Hmm.

  17. Thank you Adriene, I needed to jump to this one today due to time constraint, and what a treat!!! I will be repeating this one at some point. I feel super invigorated and need it, studying for a final exam at present, and ready to start my day!!! May your day, mine, and everyones' be filled with accomplished tasks; Namaste ???

  18. Hey Adriene! First off, thanks so much for all you do, the content you produce is of amazing quality and just so genuine, I truly enjoy every video. My request is for MORE HANDS FREE videos! I am a massage therapist, and it's important to me to vary the amount of stress I put on my wrists and hands. I use this video regularly, and often pause it so I can do the mini flows a few times and get a longer workout, and often follow it up with your quick 6 min ab workout as well. I also find the hands free practice a great opportunity to focus on the integrity of my legs and core! Again, thanks so much. I often refer my clients to you who are wanting to do yoga but feel intimidated by classes or have cost barriers, since yoga + bodywork is such a divine pairing. Namaste!

  19. Hi Adriene! I'm thankful for this session! I'm a one hand amputee and this session make me able to do yoga! I encourage you to do more like that sessions and maybe one handed too. Thank you!

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