High Blood Sugar EQUALS Smaller Brain

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  1. Some times I think my head is too big… Dr burg question : are animals on a mainly keto diet, because they dont have big bellies or thighs as such… or arses, I know cows s are given grains…. but animals seem mostly keto.

  2. I Really could use an Answer to This Question!!!!
    JUST as a Worst Case Scenario….
    I AM Allergic to ALL "Keto" foods! So "Fasting" is my Tool! So…
    How Long of a Fast (12hrs, 18, 24, 3 days) might Start the Process of Lowering "Insulin-Resistance"?
    JUST a Worst Case, Ball Park,,,, Estimate?

  3. Hey Dr.Berg I have a question about leg cramps, I have been following your video's a year now learning so much from you but I still can't figure out why I get leg cramps when taking an electrolyte supplement that is similar to yours but only 400mg per scoop, has mag and cal and vitamin c plus stevia no bad stuff. It's called Vega Sport. I want to buy your brand but I live in Ontario, Canada so the shipping is so super expensive makes the costs way too high. I been drinking several scoops throughout the day when fasting. I do OMAD meal. But after taking this vega sport it feels good helps with fasting but then I get bad leg cramps. When I wasn't taking it I didn't get any leg cramps, strange? I don't want to only drink water as then it's hard to get all the potassium we need so what do you think about this situation?

  4. Is it true that keto is dangerous for people with heart issues…should these people stick to an old fashioned low fat/cholesterol diet or can a high fat keto diet be beneficial ? Please like so Dr. Berg can see the question…

  5. Can someone please get back to me, is apple cider vinegar and metformin and high blood pressure meds and seizure meds. Can I take them together

  6. Dr.Berg i have some heart problems nothing major.Few days ago i started taking cold showers and i enjoy them really.I start with normal temp then go cold,can you tell me is it safe for someone with heart problems to take cold showers??

  7. Hey guys, I know two girls. They both are very slim, lose weight like you won't imagine if they need it, no issues with it at all. Both eat sugar and carbs no limits, BUT they do not gain weight!
    They both having low thyroid also. Whey they eat sugar and carbs and they do not gain a lot of weight? Mystery to me.

  8. Thanks for the advice. This answered some of the questions regarding my symptoms. Now, I am even more motivated on keeping sugar consumptions as low as possible.
    Also, we liked the Dr. Berg's Ketogenic Meal Plans 😝. Gonna prepare the meals tomorrow. Have a great guys!

  9. Dr. BERGM I hope you can help me. I work 11:30 PM to 8 am and want to try intermittent fasting. However, when to eat is a challenge for me. I have lunch at work about 3 am and go to bed between 2 and 4 PM. After that I'm stuck. Can you help me with a schedule? Thank you.

  10. What about the babies that are eating bags of candy. I see toddlers eating candy and doritos. Will their brains shrink? My babies eat 1 (one) m&m size piece of chocolate in a week.

  11. Anyone want to comment on how Jillian Michaels proclaims that "The keto diet is bad for your overall health." 🤣🤣😉??? I love her workouts, but doesn't she realise she's a trainer? So of course she can get away with carbs in Her diet…she says she understands science, yet she wont say or look at the results that people who follow the low carb lifestyle actually Works!!

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