High Glucose on Keto Diet – Adaptive Glucose Sparing

Do you get unusually high blood glucose readings in the morning, despite eating a low-carb or ketogenic diet? In an earlier video …



  1. Started keto 2 1/2 weeks ago..I've been worried sick about my persistently high glucose readings in the morning! This vid is literally an answer to prayer! Very, very many thanks! (I've lost 18 pounds as of this morning)

  2. Interesting information. I thought I would offer my "armchair incite"…just like the armchair Monday morning football quarterbacks …even though this is the first time I have heard about Adaptive Glucose Sparing: 1) Testing the fasting insulin level may be a more credible measure of a healthy state than Glucose and even Ketone levels. I know the logistics and cost might not be realistic, but at the very least this article might suggest that relentless monitoring of Glucose and Ketones may not be as objective as you think…and may even drive you to erroneous conclusions. I found the "Costco diet" with the oils and foods that are safe to eat, some ACV, Himalayan Salt and a few other things…including less frequent eating , fewer total calories, higher % fat, fasting from 7pm to the next morning…and then using the organic coconut oil in my Costco Mayorga Coffee (my poor man's coffee bomb) to extend that fast 2-3 hours, with some exercise…basically does the trick. Works great for me as long as I can resist the ice cream and grains. I think a long fast probably compensates for misconceptions and minor transgressions, but if I slip and put down 1/2 gallon of ice cream…no amount of fasting or coffee bombs is going to turn into a Keto day.

  3. I tested my insulin and I think that it was higher than normal because it was in the morning. Insulin was 7.8 but I tested my glucose it was 98 and ketones were .8. My glucose is always higher in the morning but always fall.

  4. Another great informative video 🎯. After 5 months on a strict Keto diet and doing a 18/6 IF regimen daily, I’ve seen a rise in my morning glucose levels. I’ve been, “ whats up with this ?” Thanks for enlightening us on Adaptive Glucose Sparing. I’ve ordered some Berberine from your Amazon site in hopes that will make an impact as well.

  5. Thank you so much for explaining this. I've been going through this for about a week now and was wondering what was going on. I stopped taking my diabetes meds about a month ago now and was managing my sugar well with keto. But for the last week my number is stuck on 120 before and after I eat. I've even been considering going back to those horrible meds to bring it down. But don't really want to. So I started taking Berbering two weeks ago. Thank you for the info on that also. I even intermittent fast sometimes up to 20 hours. So I was wondering where is the rise in sugar coming from ?

  6. Thank you! I discovered the dawn effect was happening to me. It can really mess with your head! I’ve learned to wait a few hours after waking up and my readings are much lower…in the 80’s versus 99+. 😊

  7. Dr. Eric Berg, say if you spike insulin it kicks you out of ketosis, so how is this not a problem. Second, I almost died from not being able to fat adapt. After 4 day of constipation, I woke up with an incarcerated naval hernia, and went straight to the hospital. They had to remove 6 incches of bowl, meanwhile I ate nothing for 4 day, but had high blood sugars like 153. Now am headed for cardio, which thay foubd while at my satay. I actually need to put on some wheight, and don't know what to do, All that fat constipates me, never again.

  8. Interesting, thanks for the info. I’ve been low carb for About 2 years and keto for the last year. I’m 59 and have lost 50lbs. I test my blood regularly for blood sugar and keytones. I never have high keytones but usually am .6-1. My a1c has been about 4.2-4.8. I don’t have recorded for more than 2 years ago.

    Lately last few I have seen my avg bs go from 90ish to always between 105 and 110 no matter what time of day.

    This kinda explains that. It was freaking me out as to why suddenly my bs is 10-15 points higher and I haven’t been eating carbs.

  9. Hi guys, why did I blow up after I ate today? I just ate egg omlet, Colby cheese and mushrooms left over steak. I feel terrible. Lol went 18 hours fast since I ate. Is it because not enough water? I did join, but I dont know where to message you two.

  10. I had to comment. I suspected that may have been the case, but it's still got me down for the past few days just the same. I had been getting blood glucose readings in the mornings of around 87 or 88, maybe with an occasional 90. But then all of a sudden I kept getting 106 or 107 or 108 in the morning, and I'm like what the hell?! Thank you so much for this video. I'm also doing intermittent fasting. I watched your videos where you compared having plain black coffee as opposed to coffee with a little heavy whipping cream or with a little butter, etc. It made me think that it was okay to have the plain coffee but with the heavy whipping cream added during my fasting. But everyone in the intermittent fasting group says that it is very much not a clean fast then, and it's breaking my fast. They say that it's not that it's raising blood glucose levels, but that it actually increases the chance for insulin resistance or something along the lines of affecting your insulin over time. All I know is I'm not losing anything on the scale even though I've been doing keto for about a month now in addition to my intermittent fasting. And I don't think my clothes are fitting any better, either. So this week I've gone back to a clean fast, and I hope I'll eventually see some results. Otherwise the only thing I think I may have been doing wrong was eating a bit more calories, but the calories were mostly coming from fat. So I'm at a bit of a loss…

  11. You two are so good at explaining stuff that I am hoping you can shed some light on a conundrum so here goes:
    I have seen my blood glucose rise a bit in the last few months on keto – both fasting and non-fasting. Been on keto/low carb for over a year and lost 30lb and keeping it off easily. I've never been diabetic (we only get fasting blood test here in the uk and mine has always been around 4.2. It's now 5.2 after ketoing for a year), never been obese, although, I have yoyo'd up and down 30lb for 30yrs. And I had stage 2 high blood pressure for all that time despite being very slim at times. So I do think I am/was insulin resistant to some degree because keto has totally normalised the blood pressure. I've never had and insulin test as that seems to be totally unheard of here. This last week I have decided to do a little experiment regarding the blood glucose readings. Brace yourselves!……I have been eating VERY LOW fat and VERY HIGH carb (yikes I know, how dare I!). I can tell you I am really NOT enjoying it at all but the interesting thing is that my fasting blood glucose readings have gone way down to where they were when I started keto and the really strange thing is that my post meal glucose readings hardly rise at all and fall back to base in about 1.5hrs. This happened from the first day. Please can you explain what the heck is going on. I can't believe I am getting such low readings after a massive carby (tasteless) meal. Is it something to do with there being hardly any fat. Maybe the carbs need the fat to cause a massive spike? Just what the heck really?! I love eating HFLC as I love fatty meat and cheese and so could never eat LFHC for any length of time but I do know that the two extremes are both effective at increasing insulin sensitivity. Any ideas as to how the heck low fat high carb meals can give smaller spikes than high fat low carb meals?

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