How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

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  1. 7 months ago, i didn't know what this stuff was. I had a serious back injury and ended up gaining a lot of weight. I was at around 250 lbs (i am 6'4"). This morning, i weighed in at 212 lbs. And am close to reaching my goal of 205. Initially, i suffered low energy (3 weeks or so); but let me tell ya, once your body adapts, you become a machine! I am at a point, where its easy to intermittent fast for 18-20 hrs a day. One of the best things you can do is exercise while fasting. 3 times a week, i play beach volleyball for 3 hrs or more from 9am to 12pm. By the time, i get home and have lunch, i have fasted for 18-19 hrs. Just coffee and water in the morning and salt while i am playing. guys, this is unbelievable….i would've never thought in a million years that i could do a competitive sport with athletes half my age with no food, or Gatorade or fruits or something. The best part is my brain is so focused like i am on a smart drug or something. I am totally blown away by the results i am getting. Loose fat, have more energy that i know what to do with and high functioning mind. This is just crazy….. when i first got on keto, i just wanted to loose weight. But i got so much more…..I knew absolutely nothing about keto and fasting before I stumbled upon once of Thomas's videos. And the rest is history… this shit works, period. Combine IF and keto and you'll become unstoppable. I look at myself in the mirror every morning, and i am in awe….i look damn GOOD!!!

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  3. The only question I have is whether your body can utilize ketones as a source of building muscle? What I’m noticing is that it’s difficult to maintain bulk while on Keto.

  4. Dr Atkins , of the original Atkins diet, eventually realised his diet wasn’t working and was harming his cancer patients. That’s why he stopped recommending it. It seems everyone promoting keto has something to sell , they are all just making money out of it. This guys ads now have a woman dangerously stating that egg and bacon is a healthy choice. It’s absolute garbage and irresponsible as well. Eat healthy fats in moderation, sure, but to start suggesting that saturated fats are healthy is just plain wrong. If you do a lot of exercise, it’s probably not too bad, but for the average person it’s a very dangerous lifestyle, in my view

  5. Hi Thomas. Have you watched Dr. Gundrys video on the three things you should never eat? The first one is gojiberries. Because of the lectins. He said they were very harmful. I've decided not to eat them. Just wanted to know about them.

  6. This video is magnificent! Most informative video I have seen on this diet, your explanation and break down of the diet made me so less intimidated by it! Thank you so much!

  7. I liked this video – but it
    left alot of questions for me – like why – what happens in my body. I liked
    this video more –

    Everyone is talking about healthy and dirty keto – if dirty is bad – then why are they having great success with it?  I lost weight with a simple plan, which was
    easy to follow.  It seems a lot of these videos are more focused on comparing between the various methods instead of just saying what to do.

  8. I liked this video as well –

    I lost weight with a simple plan, which was easy to follow.  It seems a lot of these videos are more focused on comparing between the various methods instead of just saying what to do.  What role does exercise have on the outcome?  Do you lose more weight if you exercise with the keto diet?  All of these guys look fit – is the weight loss from exercise or from the diet itself?

  9. Question: I'm a vegetarian (no dairy, so – vegan + eggs)… do I need to take fish oil to supplement my Omega 3s if I'm not taking in so much omega 6? What about the omega 3 from kelp or seaweeds?

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