How To Get Into Ketosis | 5 Ketogenic Diet Success Tips

Today I’m going to share five tips to help you get into ketosis, how to get into ketosis, how I’ve got into ketosis.

So, this week I’ve gone back into the Keto diet I was off for six weeks I took a six-week break I went on holiday and came back, it took me a little bit to get my head around, work out when I’m going to go back onto keto set the date as first of May, stuck to it, first of May, documented the day.

Each person is different so what works for me and what is my situation might be different for you so what I did was I used my ketostix and I measured from first thing first of May, first thing in the morning every few hours or so I wouldn’t recommend usually measuring every few hours but I wanted to know as accurate as possible the exact moment that I went into ketosis so I started Monday morning on the first of May and on the second of May, so on the second day at p.m.

2nd of May I got a positive reading on a keto stick that I was in ketosis, so it took me a little over a day and I’ll put a little picture of here of my keto stick what the positive looked like so it took me 1 and a half days barely to get into ketosis. Following the tips that I’m going to share today, for me, I was keto adapted for six months so having six weeks off it took me a day and a half to get back into keto.

First time around I didn’t track and I didn’t use keto sticks until about a month into it so I can’t say for sure but knowing now how I feel on keto. It probably took me about a week or so first time around and now like a day and a half so my body is obviously used to being keto fat adapted so getting straight back into it was a lot easier than I thought it would and I haven’t had any Keto flu symptoms.

Tip number one lower your carbs, it’s obvious low carb high fat diet but I find it easy to track in a notebook. I shared that in my full day of eating video. I’ve got a handwritten notebook. I just write down all my foods and the carbs next to it, you can go into it with a cab figure in mind or you can kind of go for as low as possible.

I like to start my day a lot of the times with just eggs so then there’s like virtually no carbs and once I am more into it I do eggs and a veg or two and if you’re just when I was just starting out at the very beginning I had eggs with loads of veggies to adapt and ease into it so play around .Work out if you’ve never done it before start with higher carbs so maybe eggs and a few veg and just sort of cut out the breads and the pastas and the rice and the chips and the sweets and all of that just start as as low as you can Cope with and then go lower until you get to a point of being in ketosis.



That’s what I found and also actually definitely have a chat with a health professional. Don’t just go and take my advice, I’m sharing the experience and what’s worked for me but definitely huge disclaimer go and speak with a health professional, with your GP, with your health professional of choice.

Get some blood tests done and make sure that you are in a healthy space and that you have your doctor’s support. It can be difficult with the whole low fat dogma going around but people are switching on to high fat and get just speak with a doctor before going and rushing into changing your diet.

OK disclaimer over, so I’m sharing my experience take from it what you want what you will and experiment and see what works, so definitely lower carbs. I managed to on the first day back to 18 net carbs but first day when I started six seven eight months ago I was having probably around the 50 gram mark .

When I was starting, because I wasn’t used to it now, I’m kind of used to having 18 net grams of carbs. It’s definitely on the low you wouldn’t want to go any lower than that it’s definitely on the lower side of carbs but between 18 and 50 once you’re starting out.

Find your sweet spot that you feel good you get into ketosis and you lose weight and that’s going to be different for everybody. So number one, lower your carbs, number two increase your fats, because this is a low carb high fat and as I said before the whole low-fat dogma the whole low-fat industry its kind of brainwashed us all into thinking that fats are the devil and bad for you. I lost 16 kilos on low carb high fat way of life. I feel awesome I’ve never been healthier, never been happier, so that is thanks to lowering my carbs and increasing.

I cook everything in butter. I have hot chocolate in the morning. I add butter to it through the day I have mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese.  Your carbs are about 5% your protein 20 to 25% and then the rest is fat so we’re talking 70 to 80 grams of fat everyday 60/70/80 depending on exactly how your macros and so that’s fat high, carbs low that’s number one number two.

Number three is your electrolytes are so important for your electrolytes. I’m talking salt, potassium, magnesium ,you need to keep these up when you’re on keto because processed foods and all the foods that you eat that are carb filled are full of all of those ingredients.

I went searching for a vegetable stock that had as little nasty ingredients with as natural as possible and it’s full of salt I found the highest salt one I could and I find having, I have a cup of stock cubes in half and I have half the stock cube in a cup of boiling water and I have it pretty much every day and I feel good and days when I don’t have it sometimes I actually wake up through the middle of night with cramps or I’ve woken up feeling really dizzy and it’s because I didn’t have my salt .

Definitely is so important to hit your salt levels up so electrolytes is number three having your electrolytes  and will help you get into ketosis and help you feel amazing and awesome and not have awful keto flu feelings.

Number four, number four is water, no matter what diet you’re on and no matter what you, you’re doing for drinking water is important but even so, more so on keto we need to flush out our system ,it’s so important to drink water, and I always have a bottle of water with me. Drinking water is so important to get into ketosis to stay in ketosis and to keep you healthy. Just drink water, have a bottle of water with you at all times drink a cup of water with meals.

Just drink water, water is so important, number four and number five is one which I am always hesitant to, that if you know me and even following my articles, that is to move to try, and do a smidge of exercise. I very late to adding exercise into my keto diet journey. It’s only been the last month or two that I’ve had the urge to move and , my exercise has been walking and yoga and I have this DVD of ten minute kickboxing workouts which for me ten minutes is like maximum of exercise activity time.

I’m not saying go out and go crazy with exercise. I found the last few days just doing my 10 minute workout just moving I feel really good and it helped me also I feel get into Ketosis so it can just be walking it doesn’t need to be crazy I know that people do cardio and weightlifting. I personally haven’t gotten to that my Husband does that side of things I don’t, yes I know I said before I probably should do a little more exercise or do exercise at all but definitely moving is another element of the whole package of getting you into ketosis and of staying ketosis of getting healthy and staying healthy.

So there you go those are my five tips to help you get into ketosis and to stay in ketosis. I’m in Ketosis now and I just love this feeling this energy I wake up with energy rather than feeling exhausted. I’ve been waking up the last six weeks I’ve forgotten how it feels to wake up and feel exhausted to have a a.m. slump and p.m. slump now.

I feel energy, I feel awesome, and I’m looking forward to getting back on the weight-loss train and I’ll share that side of things with you as well, so there you go thanks so much for reading this  and please leave a comment down below if you’ve got any other tips for getting into Ketosis and love communicating with you guys and building this community down in the comments so definitely leave question comments down below and I will interact as much as I can.

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