How to Get Rid of Your Lower Belly Pooch (Reverse Sit-ups)

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  1. I think the best way for me to approach this is to eat the same meal everyday. 6 or 7 ounces of protein (salmon or chicken) and vegetables (salad with lots of greens) Salad dressing can only be vinegar based to not go over 10 but regardless, it's totally possible. You look awesome for over 50 so I'll definitely do this. Thank you..

  2. Thanks for uploading again about this topic! After my first time doing the exercise 2x 25, I already saw a small difference the next morning! Now a week later I see I significantly reduced my belly pooch. Thanks so much. I do small exercises everyday, however I felt like everytime I did legraises (or other lowbelly exercises) my other muscles took over and I never was able to really spottrain my lower abs. I know I must be doing something wrong, but that only shows how easy and effective your exercise is!

  3. your videos have been very helpful to me, thank you. BUT this exercise made me suffer from back pain for two weeks now. I only did it twice. just want to point out so people can be careful.

  4. This is incorrect and harmful information. If someone has chronic tight back muscles, this is just reinforcing that "habit" and causing more problems. Especially standing, this is causing a tremendous amount of strain on the low back. Going into the "crunch" position as you talked about in the beginning does NOT loosen up the lower part of the belly. The crunch or sit up movement is called flexion and the entire rectus abdomens muscle will be contracting. When you go backward (extension) reciprocal inhibition should be inhibiting the rectus, not tightening it. There can be a lot of negative repercussions doing this exercise.

  5. Thanks! I want to tell you about my daschund who has back problems because of being "of that breed", He is amazing he does his own back exercise about 50!!! times …such patience…and more wisdom than a lot of people I know. Thanks for the video! Loving these videos as always!

  6. Sounds like Atkins diet. I would think this would be the icing on the cake after loosing all the extra weight on keto and left with a pooch.. That's long way to go people..

  7. It's easy to say bring carbs down but firstly almost everything has 10 or more grams of them in, secondly some of us get sick from most foods for example my main meal is a pasta because meats and most other foods make me sick.

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