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  1. The carnivore diet is a terribly unsustainable diet for our planet. The animal agriculture industry already at an unsustainable size. Please consider others before promoting something so bad for our earth.

  2. 3 Reasons Why Bulletproof Coffee is a Bad Idea and the dangers of long term on a ketogenic diet .
    Humans did NOT evolve eating (or drinking) such massive amounts of saturated fat.
    There are plenty of nutrients that are healthy when consumed in reasonable amounts, but when people start "megadosing" them it can cause serious problems.(You're going against mother nature)

    One example is fructose… it's "good" when found in nutritious, fibrous whole fruit, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from refined sugars .

    Another example is linoleic acid (the main Omega-6 fat)… it's healthy when found in whole, nutritious nuts, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from vegetable oils such as canola ,corn oils,sunflower oil ,peanut oils , mayonaise ,peanut-butter are all refined and very damaged-fats , over heated …""over processed"" ..all toxic to your liver and body .Your liver has to process this huge amounts of damaged
    polyunsaturated fats and damaged saturated fats 7 days a week . All foods from Retaurants are damage fats (over heated and processed)

    It is entirely possible that saturated fat is the same. Healthy in very small amounts, but harmful when we start eating massive, unnaturally large doses "every day" … that are way outside of our evolutionary norms.There are plenty of nutrients that are healthy when consumed in reasonable amounts, but when people start "megadosing" them it can cause serious health problems down the road .

    There have been numerous reports of people having massive increases in cholesterol levels when drinking bulletproof coffee. This includes advanced risk factors like ApoB and LDL particle number.

    I personally think it is best to proceed with caution when adopting a drastic dietary change that has never been tested and is way outside of evolutionary norms. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    —Another trend a slow unhealthy liver cannot metabolize and process eating so much fat 7 days a week.
    ..sooner or later your liver it clogs up .

    " ketogenic diet " –In the study, the researchers fed mice a ketogenic diet for several days and expected to find a favorable outcome — perhaps weight loss or another indication of improved health. Instead, they found that the "liver began resisting" insulin" almost immediately and the mice were unable to regulate their blood sugar levels after only "three days" on the diet. (Insulin resistance, meaning that cells in the body don't respond to insulin, is a key characteristic of type 2 diabetes.)😮 Go to this website to read Article on keto diet .

    —Many people follow ketogenic diets for weight loss and other health benefits. A ketogenic diet can be an effective means to lose weight, reverse type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, and other health conditions.

    The problems come, however, when you follow a ketogenic diet for an "extended period" . We already know from the many children who have followed a ketogenic diet to suppress seizures that they are at least 10-fold greater risk for kidney stones, impaired growth, dysbiosis, and metabolic distortions.

    If you follow a ketogenic diet, you MUST address bowel flora, especially with prebiotic fibers. And you would be well advised to not remain ketotic for extended periods else you are at substantial risk for dysbiosis, constipation, diverticular disease, and "colorectal cancer" .

    Great video to watch if you're on a ketogenic diet ;


  3. I make a super tasty liver curry – kinda like spicy fried curry with all kinds of Indian spices. It tastes really good. None of the things like dipping in egg and cheese and all that will make liver taste good. You have to fry it up in ghee with the right kinds of spices. Also I thought you are not supposed to have onions on this diet.

  4. I am on day 3 of carnivore only diet. I did not do it the way Kait said I fasted for 3 days prior to a colonoscopy then as soon as I was done with procedure I ate 4 hamburger patties for lunch first day was rough but now I am feeling better it has been rough wish I would have found this earlier

  5. This is another example of natural selection. Sit back and watch the dummies kill them selves lol. Do some “real “ research on the affects of fat and animal products on your heart and arteries and your entire body for that matter!

  6. Just found a local option that offers 1/4 a cow for $770, approximately 88 pounds, and at least half of the overall weight is ground beef. Seems absurdly expensive. What's average for grass fed beef when buying bulk like this?

  7. So the way I consume liver is raw (pasture raised only) pureed. And I just eat 5-6 tablespoons (twice a day) chased by like ginger aid or fermented pickle juice (something strong to cover up an residual taste). The key is try to place the liver as close to the back of your mouth as possible and swallow it/swig your chaser as fast as possible . but honestly liver is a miracle food. I cannot function properly without it. Since I'm not taking a prenatal im getting the bulk of my micronutrients from raw beef liver, raw beef heart, and raw goat cheese. Looove this video. So much inspiration for me meal wise!

  8. Step one explained a lot. I went from a vegetarian diet to carnivores diet. Yeah you can imagine what I experienced in the first week. Tomorrow is my 14th day. I’ve lost 10 pounds but gained back 5, so lost just 5 pounds in two weeks. That’s not bad right?

  9. Carnivore sounds interesting. But I really like my greens. So keto is likely the lifestyle approach for me, while carnivore might be an interesting experiment or to get some benefit of an adaptation response.

  10. Eating meat is great. ACTUALLY makes you regular unlike fiber. Increased protein keeps you strong and allows you to become stronger. Better mood, honestly can't think of a negative thing to say about going carnivore.

    Veganism is bad, just another way the oppressors try to control you. Can't fight back if you're too weak to fight.

  11. Seems like a lot of people forget tartares on a carnivore diet but they’re essential for me. I have a lot of German and Italian in my family and they’ve always ate tartares no ones ran into any illnesses from it. All food is better in its raw form…

  12. I experience paresthesia (itching nerves) when I eat red meat. It's an intolerance and gets bad on carnivore. I really, really, really need to follow this diet for my mental health and sleep. Do you think my neuro symptoms will improve with better gut health?

  13. How much should you eat? I was told that I should eat until full…but I still need a guideline so I won't overeat meat. 2 weeks into carnivore, but first week I still ate a bit of veggies and salads (really miss them), 2nd week I started to eat 600 g of meat, sometimes 750 g and yesterday I had almost 900 g which was bit too much.

  14. I went straight into carnivore – no problem. Why are you saying it’s an issue. It’s not.

    I had No side effects. No food cravings

    Bacon and egg in the morning – grass fed steak for late lunch. I’m not hungry after that.
    I eat during an 8 hour window. I’ve lost weight drink lots of sparking water.

  15. Animals are our friends, remember? We all inhabit this planet together, as one. When we choose to eat meat we directly eat the emotions of the animals who did not want to die, there suffering, sickness, sadness, and hopelessness become our own. We must learn to walk upon this earth with love for all. I do not hate you for you are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of you. We are united through the same energy that flows through every living creature upon this earth. . No being is less worthy, no being should be seen as a product for us, no being wants to die for us. Within our chained hearts lies a connection for all, where love roams the soft edges of eternity, embody the essence of eternity and love will emerge. Sending all my love from a vegan who does no hate and only seeks to empower and inspire all.

  16. liver do not over cook it takes on grainy rubbery consistency and bitter back taste. it has a sweet taste you eat it raw if its grass fed beef. otherwise fry bacon and lightly saute in the fat. liver and bacon dietary Bliss

  17. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and I really want to try the carnivore diet to see if it helps my conditions, but I have issues with texture. I can’t stand eating chewy fat that’s in meat. It actually makes me gag. Any suggestions or tips for me would be helpful.

  18. Hey, you suggested buying in bulk but I've been wondering how to safely store all that meat if you're doing that? the only thing I can think of is freezing but that causes degradation to some extent.

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