How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Beginners Guide | Ashley Salvatori

SUBSCRIBE: In this video I explain how to start the keto (ketogenic) diet! This is the ultimate beginners guide! You will learn how to …



  1. Hey Ashley!! How did you keep with it when you initially started? I’m having a hard time with trying to keep away from sweets 🙁

    I can deal with the carbs no problem it’s just sweets I can’t stay away and then I fall back into my unhealthy routine again. Any advice?

    I really liked your video! Thanks for the story and all. It’s really inspirational!!

  2. I was looking for actual information on what to eat for each meal on Keto for weight loss… I have watched dozens and dozens of videos on Keto but there seems to be a lack of videos on photos of the meals for example… I am one of those people who just won't try to figure out grams or calories of each thing… I just want to see a photo of breakfast, lunch, & dinner to eat every day… simple… simple… simple… nothing complicated…

  3. I’ve found your videos and I am so so thankful for that💗💗💗 I started drinking pruvit after doing tons of research into how to start keto and you have been a HUGE inspiration to me. I went from having solid muscle to gaining a hundred lbs after having a baby and miscarriages. I’m so SO thankful for your channel.

  4. She is the only Youtuber i have stayed long enough to watch…. Thats how i know this is gonna work for me. I have been struggling with my weight for so long and after three children its time. I am so excited to try this! I want to look great!

  5. Hi Ashley!
    I love your inspiring weight loss journey :)and I’m just starting my own.:)I just have a question it might sound vain or silly but I’m worried when I lose weight I’m going to lose my boobs and they’ll sag and I won’t feel womanly anymore:( do you miss your boobs?!;)

  6. I wanna eat right but sometimes a girl just needs a sodding burger and chips like a normal human being! Self confessed yoyo dieter. Longest i kept the weight off was 1 yr 😔😔 Currently getting back up to the 11st mark. Why does tasty food have to be so bad?? And why is it some people are born being able to eat half the equaters worth in an hour and not gain a pound when poor sods like me only have to look at a sandwich and gain a thousand stone?? I know cry baby right?? Well i want the motivation to eat like a rabbit but it just never comes….

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