I Tried The Ketogenic Diet And Failed…

In this video, I tried the ketogenic diet for one week and completely failed. The keto diet is one of the trendiest, and fastest growing diets at the moment stirring up …



  1. You haven't fully freed yourself from something if you're still fearful about it. It wasn't the Keto diet that created your negative headspace, it was just the discipline of sticking to a restricted diet. I really love watching your videos but in this one you seemed to whine a lot more than usual…

  2. I've tried the keto diet and had more success on the Carnivore diet. Try out the Carnivore diet, you will feel a lot better… Eat grass fed beef, liver, brain and eggs. You'll feel phenomenal after a month 😀 and trying keto for a week is really not enough!!

  3. Just eat fatty meat when your under your protein and fat. Don't eat Turkey for protein, eat fatty lamb or beef. Eat less veggies and more meat, I would have eaten about 100g of protein and 150g of fat.

  4. Usually good videos, but this one was disappointing. You didn't really even give it a good trial, you got triggered and bailed early. Why would you try a new diet if you have known issues with food that prevent you from trying new diets? You really should tackle your food issues, they're holding you hostage in life : (

  5. Unless you are prescribed the Keto diet for a actual chronic illness, then don't fucking do it. You can have so many serious health issues from this, including just about every vitamin deficiency. But also your body needs carbs to process fucking everything. You're body literally just thinks it's being starved to death but your still eating so you don't. Eat whole foods, lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains. TRACK YOUR MICRONUTRIENTS, most people are deficient in vitamins and that's why they feel like shit. This diet is basically the water fasting of diets.

  6. It’s good you’re so honest about failing. Tracking food is good for getting a general idea of how healthy your diet is, when you have a good relationship with food and your happy with your body and your in good condition, you don’t need all that! Great video!

  7. I have so many issues with keto, but because I could probably make my own twenty minute youtube video going through it all, I'm just going to stick with some of the ones that ticked me in this video:
    -A medicine for one group of people isn't a medicine for all: just because keto diet is good for treating with people with epilepsy doesn't mean that's it's healthy for the general population
    – It is a diet, because it's a way of eating. That's exactly what a diet is
    – It is restrictive, because there's a whole list of foods that you an't eat: just like when raw vegans talk about their 'diets of abundance', just because you can eat as much volume as you want doesn't mean you're not restricting things
    -It makes no sense to demonise a whole macronutrient. Not all carbs are created equal: there's a world of difference between 30g of carbs from refined sugar and 30g of carbs from butternut squash, or lentils
    -In that vein, carbohydrates are not what has made the US and similar countries so obese. No single thing can be attributed to that. Otherwise the Japanese (rice), the Italians (pasta and bread), and much of the continent of Africa (where staples include cassava, maize, rice and other grains/root vegetables) would be matching for weight stats
    Tl;dr Don't trust any diet that cuts out an entire macronutrient group, nor one that doesn't allow sweet potato

  8. I am shocked to find out that you are not vegan :O I just assumed that you are based on your content. 😀 Have tried veganism? I mean you are probably already eating a largely plant based diet ( hence my confusion xD ) so you would have no problems adjusting to it, if you decide. It does a lot of good for the animals and the planet. (: Anyways thanks for another insightful video! 🙂

  9. A couple of my coworkers tried this and they stopped. If anything I believe it helped them eat less sugar and helped them be healthier. I've never tried it but to me it looks super restricting. I feel like people also need to focus less on the category of food they are eating and just eat healthier. Why should the entire focus be on eating with losing weight. I personally believe it's more inspiring when a person is really working hard on not only their food goals but mental health and exercise goals to be a combination of a stronger, healthier, more centered version of you. 🙂

  10. I've done keto a couple times, and had success with it for the most part. I think (part of) the issue was tracking total carbs instead of net carbs. Because fiber does play a huge role in that, and if you aren't factoring that in, it makes it almost impossible, because healthy foods like broccoli can easily push you over your limit when you are accounting for the fiber content, and that encourages you to eat less healthy vegetables, berries and fruits. And eating less of those things will make you feel like crap and cause nutrient deficiencies. But the fact that you were over over day, and thus frustrated with the diet not being achievable, is I think based on that. You may have felt much less restricted and much more positive if you were hitting your goals by tracking the right things, instead of feeling like you were failing every day even while eating a restricted diet.

    The unhealthy relationship with food and the constant tracking of it is totally a thing too though, and with experience, you can stay on keto without tracking it. But noticing that it wasn't good for your mental health clearly means it's not worth trying to push through that. It does sound like potentially you were or have dealt with orthorexia (I have too, and I think it's very common to find in the 'diet' communities), and if you overcame that before and got into a healthy pattern where you weren't obsessing over it, then that is probably the best lifestyle for you.

  11. If it works for someone, great. Never made any difference for me-high carb, low carb- felt the same and weight loss slow, to nonexistent. Trying carnivore now because of oxalate problems to see what happens.

  12. I would love to see just how you eat normally if your willing to share- those types of videos always interest me and coming from such a radiant individual id love to see what your diet is like

  13. I've been Keto for 1.5 years and it's the best and easiest thing I've ever done!! I've been a food tracker for about 5 years so switching to tracking the macros closely wasn't a major issue for me. I think you needed to do more research into the lifestyle and view some sample meal ideas before diving in. It really sounds like you didn't give Keto a fair shot and it's unfortunate you chose to share your review in this manner which may turn people off from giving it an honest go.

  14. Keto can be a rough transition, especially if you are used to eating a lot of carbs. I didn’t really like it either, but I had different reasons for that than yourself.

    Have you considered trying just straight Intermittent Fasting? Tbh, having tried both, IM is a much more sustainable and flexible dietary lifestyle than Keto. At least in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing!

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