Is a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Sustainable?

Diets aren’t worth much if you can’t stick with them. We asked members of our coaching program if they thought a low-carb, high-fat diet was sustainable and …



  1. I agree – it's very sustainable, especially if you approach it from the perspective of making the changes for your health and using it as the system to move you along, not the goal of seeing a number on the scale. For me, that shift has been crucial – it allows for an off road meal or day without feeling like a total failure and throwing in the towel all together. I love the comment you shared about LCHF protecting the body from diseases – that's totally spot on. That's how I came to be a Keto Konvert. 🙂 I wanted to heal my body from some of the chronic things going on – hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, hormone and metabolic imbalances – because I knew that healing would allow my body to reach a healthy weight on its own… it's not all fast and sexy, but I didn't get sick overnight, and I won't heal all the things overnight either. 🙂

  2. I know someone that has been doing ketoish eating for a couple of months…this person’s allergy have disappeared. Before the weight has even really gone down much. This way of eating is beneficial for far more than weight loss. Children need to be taught the truth of insulin stores glucose as fat, they can be free of diseases and obesity.

  3. Love you guys!!! I honestly don’t think there’s any other way of life for me anymore. I know the alternative for me. Hypoglycemia, tiredness, my thyroid goes wonky with my Hashimoto Disease. Congrats on the drop I myself am down 2 pounds in 2 weeks and 9 pounds to go!

  4. Curious what changes Dr. Keith has made to his diet that have resulted in the 3 pound weight loss. Also, what is his plan for the next three months? Is he incrementally decreasing calories? Mainly limiting fat? Or just eating increasingly smaller portions? What about his satiation? Is he feeling hungrier than usual? Or, are ya'll saving that information for your online coaching clients? And, how tall is Dr. Keith? He looks quite lean already. Looking forward to the coming videos, it is thrilling watching someones health and happiness increase. Plus you two are just lovely people.

  5. Going low carb has meant I no longer have migraines and if I fall off the wagon for more than a day WHAM they're back again, so for me it's a no brainer. I had to go high fat because I was losing weight at a ridiculous rate and almost went into the 'underweight' category on the BMI chart. Win – win! I love cream, butter and olive oil 🙂
    I didn't know HFLC or keto was a thing until I'd worked it out for myself, then someone told me about it, and it's been great to get all the extra info (and reassurance).
    Many thanks to both of you.

  6. You both are very amazing! I've been keto for about 1.5 years now and I only just found your video's about 4 or 5 months ago. Since watching your video's, I have clearer understanding of how it all works. I don't miss any " cheating foods" one bit; however, I have always been a chocoholic and miss all the chocolate. The real stuff hahah. But I love how keto makes me feel, as well as all the benifits from it. This will be a life journey 🙂

  7. Yes, celebrations are a challenge. Maybe take a very small piece of cake, eat a bit of frosting and discreetly toss the rest. Ice cream is OK for me on low carb, I just make sure I'm insulin sensitive ahead of time and keep the quantity small. After a while you'll learn how much carbs you can have in a given situation and still stay keto. I can eat quite a lot of carbs and not get kicked out of ketosis; but I don't sweat the occasional carb party either. On Halloween I ate about 10 "fun sized" pieces of high protein/high fat candy, got kicked out of ketosis and became mildly nauseous. So, not only do I not crave high carb stuff so much anymore, it now makes me sick.

    I have been doing a small bit of "keto" baking. Overall I'd say it's barely worth the effort. Bread, cookies, cake —- they are just not that appealing anymore, and I was a total carb addict before. I'd say this diet is quite sustainable.

  8. I've been watching your videos for a couple weeks now. However, I can't seem to get started! I haven't had ice cream or other sweets for 3 months and just messed up on that this morning . I think I am afraid to get started on the whole program b/c of the fear of failure. . . Which I just Did!
    How do I stop the madness???

  9. Keto for 7 months, down 75#. By brother asked how I was going to eat once I reached my goal weight. I hadn’t really thought about there being a change as I’m completely satisfied with what I eat. I see myself continuing quite happily with a LCHF.

  10. Day 132, down approx. 80 lbs. Feeling great but ready to BURST. Want to eat sandwiches and have some chocolate and some ice cream. Never mind how much I'm craving pasta. It's tough. I'm doing it and sticking with it until I'm at my goal, but it's the toughest thing I've ever done. If it wasn't for the awesome weight loss and the control of my diabetes, I wouldn't be doing it.

  11. I have been overweight all of my life. The ketogenic way of eating has been the only thing I have been able to stick with and see consistent results! I went from hating cooking to full on meal prepping 2 to 3 times a week. I always have salads and veggies and enjoy so many tasty high fat keto recipes. I feel very satisfied and happy with this WOE – for the first time ever I know I will reach my weight loss and health goals. And I do make keto cakes and sweets to enjoy at family functions. If I am not bringing food-I usually will not eat at a social gathering unless there is something that is keto friendly. And if anyone tries to tempt me to cheat – I simply tell them I am glucose intolerant and to eat those things would make me sick. That usually works really well! Thank you Keith and Becky for all of your wonderful information-I look forward to your videos every week!

  12. This is a very important topic for newbies. You covered it well. When I first started keto, I had many what "if" questions. My wife and family are very supportive. My big what "if" will be the 10 day cruise I have coming up. I will survive!

  13. On the 14th of each month – I have a semi-cheat day. Pink Grapefruit for breakfast @ 10am. Then oatmeal with banana & raw honey around 1pm – Then small order of chicken wings & beer around 6pm. That my cheat day.
    But I want it less each time I do it. I’ve gotten accustomed to the low carb / keto flavors. And I feel so much better physically & mentally when eating keto. Who wouldn’t want to live keto for the rest of their life ?

  14. I will never go back to high carb diet. I would never have eaten all those carbs if hadn't been for all the advice in the 80s and onwards to eat low fat foods. Low carb used to be a normal UK diet and didn't need to be called low carb. It was just a normal, healthy diet. When I was growing up fruit was expensive and a treat when in season. Everyone ate slabs of butter and full fat milk. Snacks were non existent. Candy was a birthday treat. Takeaway food was almost non existent other than fish & chips and at most eaten once a week. Intermittent fasting was the norm as you had dinner at 6pm and nothing more til 7am. Desserts were only served on Sunday. And everyone I knew was whippet thin. A fat child was a rarity. Makes me so angry now that we were steered away from eating that way.

  15. I think it's sustainable if I can indulge socially when I need to (no more than a meal a week). I haven't had a problem with cravings if I can limit my indulgences. I can walk by a plate of desserts sitting on a table no problem, but it's so much harder to pass up the treats at a social gathering when everyone else is eating the treats. No keto or low carb snack is going to cut it in that environment. I'd rather just enjoy myself in that social engagement and go back to my regular eating plan the next day than feel like my low carb eating plan is like some kind of prison sentence or something and I can't have a cupcake when everyone around me is eating one.

  16. My wife Suzy and I are well on our way to our goals and we no longer doubt we will get there together. We've talked about "what then?" Neither of us want to eat the way we used to. No sugar or processed foods, no fast foods or vegetable oils. No diabetes or obesity. We will grow very old together, hopefully, and enjoy each step of the way eating healthy LCHF with occassional IF.

  17. Been low carb/keto for over a year. I cant stand the smell of sugar. My body and mind is teaching me how to eat. The thought of eating bread or anything like that is weird now. I dont like the texture of bread. Listen to your body peeps.

  18. Keto is easy if you have the information, knowledge and money. I have the knowledge and information, not the money. I do the best I can, given what I can afford. I could use a high performance blender for smoothies. The inexpensive blender I have leaves chunks. I can't afford the low carb smoothie making ingredients I know exist. Frozen fruit like strawberries is out of my income range at this time because I'm prioritizing paying an old tax bill. I am poor. Poor people have a harder time eating appropriately because of the expense. I can check books out from the library so I know what I should be eating. I'm prediabetic and dietitians have pointed me in the right direction. I have no working fridge, it broke several years ago. My family chipped in together to buy one for me, they found a really good sale, and it will be delivered next month. My oven broke about a year ago. I'm disabled and disability is my sole source of income. I cannot afford to repair it. My favorite store is netrition. I have many low carb foods I wish to buy but cannot afford. This is the way it is for poor sick people. My mobility device broke years ago, the batteries stopped working. I am obese. The ones that will last the longest cost nearly $1000 per battery. I use the device outside my apartment, it's not needed inside. Because I don't need it inside, social security won't pay for repairing or replacing it. I bought it myself when I first got sick and couldn't cross the street without holding up traffic. There are many issues like this for poor people who are sick. If you are aware of any programs to help the needy, please let me know. I am 59 years old. My Mom is a senior citizen on a fixed income. Her rent increased $297 per month this year, in a low income housing complex. I don't know how poor people are supposed to manage. Because of her low income, she qualifies for food bank food. Very ocassionally she shares some of the pantry foods she doesn't like with me, not often because she lives in another city about an hours drive from me and usually gives the food pantry food she doesn't like to a church in her area. I know of no diet appropriate food pantry food in my area. What is given to my mother is overwhelmingly carb heavy, because that's what's cheap. I hate to throw food away, but I'm not supposed to eat cereal, traditional pasta and sugar laden peanut butter. That and worse is what's given to poor people, food that makes sick people sicker.

  19. I started Keto weighing 220 lbs on 5/3/2018.
    I got down to my goal weight (5’11”, 155.3 lbs 9/24/2018), but then I ate some REAL cookies that I made with my kids from scratch after trying all these youtube Keto desserts that tasted like crap. From Keto desserts to real desserts, I couldn’t eat one portion, I ate and ate until I finished the whole recipe. Now I’m out of control and am completely off my diet, not weighing myself, not weighing my food, not tracking myfitnesspal.
    Today is 11/15/2018 and now I weigh 176.5 lbs and still climbing:(

  20. Hello, how did you go from maintaining for 14 months, to restarting weight loss? You had been at a steady weight and then you started losing again, just wondering what you are now doing differently then when you were in maintenance? Thank you so much for your videos. 🙂

  21. I don't think you should sacrifice having a normal social life just to eat in a certain way – I eat very low carb daily and eat what's served when visiting people or at gatherings and have been doing it this way for a couple of years and it works fine. The advantage is, apart from socially, that you conserve your ability to metabolize carbs/sugar.

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