Is a low carb keto diet more expensive???

We have read enough comments about how the keto diet is so expensive. This video is our strong opinion on the subject and our personal experience with the …



  1. I am 100% with you! I'm fairly certain I've commented about my wifes early episode into Keto and the cost, vs what we were eating. I talked to her about the true cost of our habits and what the big pictute looked like. This made sense and, 6 months in, she now sees the benefit and cost reduction because of If and that the quality and nutritional values have increased, no one eats as much or often, resulting in saving💰💰💰!

    The initial sticker shock is real, however, once you fully engulf yourself in the process and educate yourself more, that cost is drastically reduced.

    Thank you bolth again for sharing your real world 1st hand experience with us all 😁👍

  2. The only time keto was expensive for our family was when I was the only one eating keto and my husband and son were not. I just had a hard time with the switch (going off a meal plan) and wasted a lot of food. But now my husband is on board with trying keto; I’m just worried about my son losing weight especially since he is already thin (but really healthy) and my husband is concerned about muscle loss. Any tips?

  3. I like your take on this. I found y’all because of searching for how families do Keto. It seems like so many of the Keto people out there are couples or singles, and it’s difficult for me to identify with their types of meals etc. We’re a family of 9, and our grocery bill is high, but I’m with y’all on the quality issues. I just can’t compromise. Any meal ideas and recipes y’all have to share would be a blessing to me! My husband and I have been eating high fat/low carb for over a year, and my oldest two children (16 and 12) have joined us over the past few months, but I’d love to have everyone eating Keto for every meal. I can’t help but worry that our grocery bill will grow even bigger, but y’all are giving me hope that it can be done!

  4. Thank you for your videos! We have been doing keto for a while now but you have inspired us to do it with the kids! And so far it's been a smooth transition! My daughter loves watching bella cook and then making the recipes! And completely agree that without buying all the snack foods we will be saving money, my kids are already eating less snacks!
    Keep spreading the light!
    God bless!

  5. One of my mottos is if food is fast, easy or cheap it's no good for u this video and ur attitude towards the haters and how u put videos out to stop em in their tracks..💖

  6. I completely agree … when I went gluten free, so many complained about gluten free being so expensive. I just tell them, meat and vegetables cost just the same as it did before gluten free/keto. Going Keto does cost less… I don’t eat so much.

  7. Wow! This was much needed to hear. I have my make relatively down. 4 boys still eating rice, gluten free bread, beans etc. I can easily transition their suppers and breakfasts (which are now oatmeal) but their lunches and snack for school I'm scratching my head on. Hubby and I have been Keto 2 months looking to transition kids now that they are learning new things with us. Next week is Spring Break here. Figure would be good time try move them in that direction. Prior to Keto I was Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan, No oil, low salt, low sugar for years and volume ate so this is still quite the adjustment for me

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