Is Splenda Good to Consume on Keto?

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  1. Thank you! I knew this Splenda was bad news, but you give all the details.

    I think it's funny… actually sad….. that so many weight loss groups, such as THM, think Splenda is so great. It is not. After all, there's a chlorine component. Come on, people! Wake up! It's poison.

  2. There is a new Splenda called Splenda Naturals, only in the small container, it only has erythritol and stevia, none of the extra junk. However, if you buy the same product (same package look etc) in their larger size bag is filled with all of the stuff talked about in the video. The Splenda Naturals is the best no aftertaste sweetener I have found, and I hate sweetener of all kinds. I think there should be something done to not allow this company to market their identical sweetener in 2 forms under the same labeling unless you look you don't know. The bag is just poison junk but the small 9oz container is fine.

  3. I accidentally ate a food with Splenda in it and I had eczema for 4 months. Lots of people have the same reaction. Why do food producers put Splenda (sucralose) in everything! ….even if there are other sugars as ingredients they will included this artificial sweetener as a 10th or 11th ingredient…..poison! Do not consume!!!!!

  4. The elites make "consumable" food-like poisons on one end, while at the other end, they have their "medical" establishment address the symptoms with more artificial "cures" that only treat symptoms or and/or approach the disorder from the wrong end and making it worse.

    It's a Luciferian cash-cow cattle chute, massive hidden taxes to milk and fleece what they consider their flock, a mockery of Jesus speaking of his flock, of His healing.

  5. It doesn't bother my blood sugars. All the sugar substitutes you mentioned have strange aftertastes, and to me taste awful. What makes me gain weight is the insulin I'm injecting. But I do appreciate the information 😊. I wish it was better explained how the ones that taste like chemicals and react like chemicals are natural. I really just want to try to cut out all sugary things. I have a addiction to carbs and low carb desserts just trigger me anyways 😞. I use Splenda once a day in my coffee. But will try to cut it out all together. Thanks Dr.berg

  6. Thanks Dr. Berg! That was also my question… But are all those cons related to the pure sucralose or they've taken Splenda under the loop? which contains only 5% sucralose and 95% Dextrose and maltodextrin??! Especially the increase of insulin and chance of cancers??

  7. Wrong. Splenda has a GI of 11. And please talk to Dr Westman he disagrees on this and your view on the necessity of grass fed food. Also, I am in ketosis and I consume 3 splenda packs a day and have phenomenal health!

  8. When it first came out many years ago, it left a bad after taste. After that I never used it. But they put artificial sweeteners in even healthy protein powder. I have to read the labels carefully. It's not good for you…

  9. HELL NO. Finally found a STEVIA that actually tastes like sugar…."WHOLESOME" Brand, Organic….comes in packets….Really good. Sorry if I already shared this somewhere else!

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