Is the Ketogenic Diet safe for Seniors? (It Depends…)

This video is not endorsed or condoned by the AARP— If you’re 50 or older you may have heard that keto can be dangerous. Should you eat that much fat?



  1. To be honest, keto was really difficult for me at the beginning. I had keto flu and some keto rash. I was mildly hypoglycemic when I started as well and I had some dizzy spells with the intermittent fasting at first. Now I have been on it steadily for almost a year. Before that, I was on and off again for awhile. I lost about 40 pounds and my blood pressure has come down from borderline to normal. My blood sugar stays pretty much the same all day long, even after I eat. It is a little high first thing in the morning and then it comes down even minutes after I eat. One of my friends has been complaining that I am too energetic for her because I have a lot of energy all day long now. I rarely have any food cravings and I don't feel hungry most of the time. When I eat out, I just eat meat and veggies and avoid the carbs. One of the biggest problems I have now is who to give my baked potato or corn to when I get my chicken and ribs combo.

  2. At 61, I am doing great on KETO since I began on Feb 2 2019. I weighed in at a Dr visit at 375 with diabetes mid-200's. Now I'm around 330 and my sugars average 150. Weeping shins and various body aches have subsided. However, just to be picky about this video, I don't think our ancestors so long ago had life-spans much past their 40 and 50's. Mishaps aside, wasn't this due to insufficient immunities and problems with teeth?

  3. I am 65 and doing keto since 4 month. lost 10 kilos and my beginning insulin resistence is already gone. I do a lot of sports including heli-skiing and needed no carbs to support my endurance. Salt and minerals are important as you loose a lot of liquids. As a consequence also my blood pressure normalized.

  4. All who have posted positive, health and life-changing results speak the truth. When you go to grocery stores, restaurants, eating places you do want to tell everyone you see they are eating poison, but you can't. You look and realize you too were in that same place, doing the same thing. Isn't it funny how we tried to 'moderate' our food choices? Instead of caramel popcorn, we bought Tostitos like there was actually a difference in the inflammatory 'corn – grain' and all the other chemical garbage in the so-called healthy snack. LOL. We were eating the processed food industry lies. It was like deciding between battery acid, and Rustoleum. The real question is, how fast will it kill you? How much pain and destruction along the way?

    No folks are not going to embrace the new you. They do not necessarily salute you, because they are addicted (just like we were) and don't want to give up/let go of their poisonous food 'lovers'. I was a potato chip queen and an ice cream fiend. I call myself getting around it by buying 'select so-called gourmet brands' as if that made a difference. Come on, laugh along with me now.

    Keto is a no brainer. You know you have arrived when you can stand in the face of the 'carbage processed foods' everywhere and what you enjoyed so much before and it does nothing for you. How you can walk right past it in the store and go get your veggies, high-fat meats, cheese, nuts etcetera and go home. I love the feeling as I look at my grocery total and how much lower it is, and everything in the bag I am actually going to eat. To go from $100-150 to $50-60 or less – I am single (depending if I need to buy large olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) is amazing!

    What a joy you can plan and cook your meals with no guilt, second-guessing, feel satisfied and full and above all, you actually know when you are hungry and when to stop eating! Never visited that feeling when I was on the SAD way of eating. Yes, I have lost 40 pounds 200 to 160, over 5 months. From a size 16 to a 10, stomach flatter than your snack table – lol!

    Anyway, let me stop writing so you can stop reading and get on with your life! Health, Happiness and Lots of Love to all who post and read (even the negative folks!) Try Keto, you will be glad you did.

  5. I’m 53, husband is 59. We’ve been on Keto since Jan 1, 2019. We can’t imagine going back now. We feel great, we’re losing body fat, and we’ve resumed running. We’re able to get up and run first thing in the morning, without eating anything. We were never able to do that when we were following the standard American diet and “carb-loading” for training runs and races. We have great energy now! We’d love to get the rest of the family on this lifestyle.

  6. 58m sw 250 cw 199 keto is not hard. I cheat once every few days and all I have to do is go back to bacon and eggs. Controlling insulin is the key to weight loss. I feel better than ever.

  7. 60 years old. Keto is as hard or as easy as you want to make it. I'm doing it to eradicate Type 2 diabetes. My A1C dropped 3.5 points in 3 months. Enroute to a healthier, non-diabetic life.

  8. Honest opinion from over 60, on Is Keto restrictive or hard? Been doing Dr Berry's Keto for 4 months, lost 10 kilos, (was only a little overweight), almost off the heartburn meds (fortunately they were the only ones I had to take). No longer constantly hungry or thirsty. Yep,I've found it restrictive in that I can't just go out for coffee and cake as I used to, and it's more difficult to have a meal out at some restaurants. Sugar cravings fluctuate, and sometimes I'd do damage to someone for a slice of toast 😉 BUT, my skin is better, the bags under my eyes have gone. I've not just more energy, but more optimistic energy (if that makes sense). My brain works faster, I heal faster, and have less joint problems. I also enjoy cooking good food again and not having junk in my cupboard. There's so much more, but I'll say, yes you might have to change a few things to make Keto your eating lifestyle, but its worth it all. You won't regret it.

  9. 66 – went from 265 to 225 in 4 months – Feeling great, I can actually put on my socks without being out of breath – looking forwards to my next lab in June. My fasting glucose went from 201 to 85 in a couple of weeks. Last lab I had A1C of 8.7 – Looking forwards to bowling my primary care doctor over with my ongoing weight loss and my total overall improvement. I plan to drop at least five more pounds by June eating wonderful food and fasting 16-8.

  10. Hi yal..Im over 70 and fairly healthy. I wanted to be healthier and lose weight, so I started Keto about 18 months ago. At first I wasnt sure id stick with it, but gradually I found myself enjoying the food AND losing weight!! Im a meat, eggs and heavy milk drinker so being able to actually eat these foods was a surprise.. Im more energetic, breathe better, my cholestrol has lowered and my Triglicerides/fat in blood, is normal!! Iv lost 42 lbs and gone from 20's to 14/16!! I love going for walks and not huffing and puffing on way home! This will be my "lifes way" of eating from now on, and my Dr is flabbergasted to say the least😍

  11. This diet has helped me tremendously. I am slow to lose weight However my arthritis pain and my daily doses of a crazy amount of ibuprofen is over. I rarely take pain meds now. AND i am weaning off my anti depressant. So glad i found this diet

  12. I am 61 been keto for four months. Lost 26 lbs and now weigh164lbs and have a 32inch waist easy to maintain because it is so easy to eat meat eggs double cream and eggs. Very easy to shop for groceries. Keep it simple eat fat grow slim!! Can now see muscles in my stomach !!

  13. I’m 57 I’ve just started keto diet on 4/14/19.. I had a lot of water excretion, had keto flu so I took the magnesium, potassium, Himalayan salt.. felt great.. I had bronchitis that magically went away.. trying to drink 1/2 my body weight (hard to do) but I’ve noticed that I have been staying up 4 to 5 hours more and only getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep.. My head is cleared up no brain fog. But I’m also feeling yuk to all the fat I’m taking that’s when I get my electrolytes back up again.. Just wanted to know is this normal??

  14. Soon turning 79. Kidney cancer and cardiac survivor, Lost 40lbs, no more sleep apnea, blood pressure meds cut in half, gone from a headache every day to seldom having a headache, thinking clearly, back to the gym to lift weights. I plan to burn out not rust out. Thanks to Dr. Berry for his helpful videos.

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