Jillian Michaels… Keto (Gentleman) Response

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  1. Her videos work! I've had great results and I did it without dieting because I did my research on how the body works. I got my fat lazy ass up and started her workout videos and I look amazing because I did the hard work. It's just some people are too lazy to put in any real work to fix their body, always looking for a lose weight quick without any hard work

  2. P.S. Here is one thing I am frankly getting tired of hearing people say about the Keto Diet. They will say "You may lose X pounds the first week, but most of that will not be fat. It will be water." Every diet has "water loss" the first few weeks. It's not just Keto. But they're acting like it is which is ridiculous.

  3. Hey, you should do a video like this explaining the slow carb diet vs keto video of Tim Ferriss. Where he says that a diet high in fat (about 80%) but without actually being on ketosis (having ketones in blood) is THE WORST POSSIBLE DIET EVER. I don't know what reference he could have. But that's the reason why he says SCD is superior.

  4. I love this comeback!!!! I needed to hear an educated come back. Because since she did this I have more people telling me that I’m killing myself – when it’s the contrary! I am healthier than ever and I feel amazing! Even my doctor is happy with my results!!! How can that be killing myself???? Thank you for speaking out! Now I send them this video so they can understand. 👍🏻

  5. As a 24 year Cop, it really bothered me when I first heard about her personal, anti-law enforcement opinions infesting her public health and fitness influence. I looked up to her, and thought she was a positive force in the industry. It hit me like a cheap shot coming from someone who has a platform and feels like all of a sudden they want to be a social activist. As time went on, her true colors bled through. Now, She’s just a has-been who’s trying to stay relevant. She’s upset that her content is going the way of the dinosaur and she is going to end up piled high in a stack along with all the other Jane Fonda tapes.

    Thank you for briefly touching on that topic. I want you to know that I really appreciated that.

    We don’t have time for her toxic, uneducated rhetoric.

    We’re too busy trying to get our health and fitness back, and too busy staying locked in to Tommy D’s videos!
    Cheers, Ofcr Rob

  6. Stay positive, and focus on sharing your knowledge and experience with those wanting and needing to learn. Her attention being focused on you affirms your blossoming path of success that will continue. Stay positive. Thank you, Thomas.

  7. The amount of things that idiot "doesn't understand (understatement)" could fill the Grand Canyon. He was far too nice on her. Oh, also I hate Jillian Michaels… like a lot.

  8. At the end of the day one has to do what is good for them. Keto or not. Keto works for some and not others. But i will say that i can totally respect how you explain it. bravo.

  9. Jillian Michaels promotes healthy eating, and it obviously works for her. However, I find the low carb diet works far better for me, it improves all my markers, and when I go off, I gain the water weight back but my weight doesn’t rebound. I can go on and off the diet without the yo-yo effect. As Matt touches on, the scientific studies have backed this up over many years, and I think Michaels is off base with her comments.

  10. The bottom line is: Keto makes Jillian Michaels and many like her redundant. You don't need a support group, a subscription or a life coach on a Keto diet. I've exceeded my wildest expectations living Keto.

    1 year free from sugar.

  11. Anyone else notice how he said he wasn’t going to attack her personally and then proceeded to attack her personally. Bro… the police thing has nothing to do with the topic at hand. You’re making yourself look bad.

  12. I am very glad you are doing this video because she can't get away with giving out very bad information, She is a hypocrite to say the least, it's all about the money for her. The End.

  13. All anyone can say to criticize keto comes down to “it’s not a sustainable lifestyle”. I’ve been successfully practicing keto since Asprey’s first visit to JRE. It is sustainable.

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