JIMMY RANTS 318: Should Miltary Personnel Be Required To Go Keto For Health & Weight Loss?

The men and women who have been put in charge of defending and protecting the United States are in a weight and health crisis. But new research out of The …



  1. The problem with implementing this is fact that food in the DFACs are based on the current government food recommendations, and ingredients bought from the lowest bidder. Even if a lower carbohydrate based diet was implemented, it would be rife with vegetable oils, low quality feedlot meats, and soy additives. As a random fact, one of the previous versions of military rations (k-rations during WWII) was developed by Ancel Keys.

  2. Seems to have been the policy during WW2, when the purchase of meat was restricted in the continental US so that it could be sent to the GI's overseas. But then we had butth0les like Keys and McGovern and company who decided that we lost the war because servicemen were eating meat and were all dying in the field from heart disease and overweight. (SMH)

  3. Are you kidding me? You want to force your diet on the people who defend this country with their lives?. These people should be allowed to eat cake for breakfast if they want. You are absolutely delusional and self-absorbed if you want to enforce your own diet on thousands and thousands of people who work in terrible conditions carrying around heavy Firearms defending your freedom to drink olive oil and actively monitor their protein intake especially because you consider yourself the face of the keto movement and you are a fat piece of garbage. You are insane.

  4. I disagree about not calling it what it is. One meal in isolation, no matter how good it tastes won’t change eating patterns which is what is needed. Low carb is what’s important and if people eat regular carbs the rest of the time then 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. We were given military MREs as part of hurricane disaster relief. They were appalling. Palatability aside, they were loaded with carbs & sugar. The goal seemed to be the highest possible calories in the least quality “food”. It made me sad to think men & women risking their lives were being fed trash, and I wasn’t even LCHF, let alone Keto, at that time.

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