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  1. Hi thanks for all the great videos. I have been on keto for 21 days and lost 11lbs so far. I bought a blood glucose monitor and my reading today was 4.5 after coffee with cream this morning. I had bacon and eggs and mushrooms for tea and my blood was 5.1. Could you tell me what my readings should be to be in optimal ketosis please as I'm not sure. Many thanks.

  2. Dr berg. I missed your show. Doc I had a bitter tea several days ago. Since then I have a burning acid that also goes on my back and sides. I been taking omprazole 40mg and apple cider vinger. Any suggestions or remedies? Appreciate it.

  3. I really appreciate everything you do Dr. Berg and hope you will see this comment as constructive feedback and not take offense. I hate to sound insensitive but I found the long medical history from the callers before even asking their question was a real turn-off today. You might want to re-think how you screen and prepare your callers before making them live, even a short lead-in like "Here's Joe, he has a question about constipation on the keto diet" would help us listeners to at least have an idea about where all this is going. I know you don't want to be rude, but another idea is you may need to get a little more aggressive at interrupting the caller with a nudge to 'get to the point', or perhaps drop the live calls altogether. Personally, if you divided this live event into two parts, one with the live calls and one with everything else, I would skip the one with the live calls and watch the other one. Also, the eight year old caller, wow, what a slippery slope. I was cringing a bit thinking about Tim Noakes. I think you were pretty safe recommending she eats her vegetables and vitamins, but I expected your first question would be, 'Can you put your mother on the phone?' I hope you found this comment helpful. Keep up the great work and I'll see you next Friday!

  4. Hi sir
    Sir a small question.u are always saying to take vegetable for diet.
    But how to take and wt to take i mean raw vegetable or boiled or u r saying salad how to make salad
    Plz make a brief video on this

  5. Question about occasional insomnia. 75 years old, married now for 51 years/wife 74. History: Before subscribing to your channel: Heart stent 1015. Three back fusions plus a complete shoulder replacement. (military + law enforcement). Prescriptions: Eliquis 5mg X 2, Amlodipine 5mg X 1, Rapaflo 8mg X 1, Aspirin 81mg X 1, (OTC acetaminophene PM with 25 mg diphenhydramine HCI X 1). note: with these meds had constant fatigue , extreme muscle weakness, light headiness, loss of memory and zero enthusiasm. ONE MONTH AGO, subscribed and changed diet to (near Keto) plus 3 boiled eggs daily, plus 2 tsp apple cider, lemon, 4oz water, PLUS added Ultra Qunol 100mg X 1, Vegan K2 500 mcg X 1, Okinawa triple Tumeric X 1 3 days ago. UPDATE: Today after 3 weeks using your YouTube video presentations (with diet change), Lost 10 pounds as of this morning. attitude changed, memory improved, went from zero exercise to working in (1 acre) yard/garden 5 to 6 hours daily. Very tired at end of day but have increasingly restless sleep. QUESTION: Dr Berg – With all the above "Any recommendation to drop/add meds or change diet". Thank you.

  6. Dr. Bergs massage tool works so well for me. However, I wish it was more comfortable because every night I use it, I fall asleep with it in the matter of minutes. When I move, it wakes me up, and I have to remove it from my neck and put it on my night table. I am grateful for his tool, thank you Dr. Berg.

  7. Just want to say thank you for the vids. I watched lots of your vids and did Ketosis + Intermittent Fasting for a week and I lost 4kg. More importantly, my dandruff problem seems to be getting better and also, I've never felt better. Thanks again for uploading the informative vids.

  8. Hi Doctor Berg. I ordered you're body type kit and take the sleep aid and Adrenal Cortisol relief day and night 🙂 Thank you! I have lost 11 pounds but my mom is constantly breaking keto with Deep Dish Pizza ( Chicago here ). How do I get her to eat only veggies, salads, fats and proteins forever? She is a breast cancer survivor and soon to be diabetic if she doesn't change.

  9. Thank you Dr. Berg for addressing more information that will be coming out on portion sizes for two meals and one meal per day to receive enough nutrients each day. Please include detail on size of protein and veggies and fats. Thanks

  10. Hello Dr.Berg,
    I had my gall bladder removed and bypass weight loss surgery then later on I had a total hysterectomy with ovaries removed and some teeth removed too just for fun. I’m in my late 30s and I feel like I’m withering away, is there any hope for me to become super healthy at this point? Thank you

  11. Hi Dr Berg, thank you for all you do to help us be healthier. I'm looking forward to the next live show because I have questions and don't know where to turn. I've been intermittent fasting for several months, however in January I went on a 21 day water fast in hopes of starving my endometrial/uterine cancer, followed with intermittent fasting since then. In March I began experiencing severe pelvic pain and visited my primary care to help me figure whether the cancer had spread to my bladder or ovary, or if I had a UTI or kidney stone. Unfortunately, they were not helpful. Lab results were negative for infection and when I requested a scan to rule out other causes they balked at first and eventually said they'd contact me if and when they make a referral. They never did. I registered with another clinic. A month later, this month, the pain grew worse and extended to my right, my lower back and up into my rib cage. The pain was so acute I went to the ER and discovered I have a mass on my right ovary. I thought fasting would initiate autophagy, but this evening I stumbled upon an article that said autphagy can be helpful in the initial stages of cancer growth but can actually promote tumor growth that is in progression. Is it possible that my water fast caused my cancer to metastasize? I'm honestly a bit scared and depressed at this moment. I'm not sure what to do, these unanswered questions are paralyzing. Should I continue fasting? I wish I had someone like you to guide me through this journey. Doctors I've seen mock even the idea of considering alternative treatment, even as much to say that diet has no affect on cancer. Please help….

  12. I really get annoyed when callers don't get to the point of their call quickly. Instead they like to go into a long drawn out history rambling on with irrelevant details and seeming to forget or ignore that there's not enough time for that in a one hour show. I wish Dr. Berg would kindly ask everyone calling in to keep their comment very short and get to their question right away to get more people in faster who are waiting.

  13. I am not sure if I missed it but please clarify something for me

    I am convinced to start OMAD. I also do bodyweight workouts and from what I understand its better to eat after the workout. However eating breakfast is also healthy and has strong mind benefits.

    What the "ideal" way to do it?

    Consume all your calories when you wake up or in the evening after the workout?

  14. Good morning Dr. Berg, my brother is type 2 and currently taking metformin in 800mg two in morning and lunch and dinner. His fasting glucose is high about 300 plus.. any tips on how he can bring it down?

  15. It confuses me when he says he had a cabinet full of supplements looking for a "cure" but I find the more I take his advice the more supplements I have in my cabinet! I feel like it's just too many supplements to deal with keto side effects. Anybody else feel like me!! I think I'm spending more money on supplements than I am on real food. Starting to not make sense to me. But I do like keeping the carbs and sugars down and 8/16 IF.

  16. Any good tips for skinny guys like myself am 140lbs and 5'10 but I feel like am shrinking because I have bad posture
    I hardly feel hungry and hardly eat
    Could think this is a liver problem or a thyroid problem for me not to feel hungry and have a high metabolism

  17. It’s funny how there are those that say “ I know you have a lot of callers, so I’ll be get right to it “ then, they start with this long life story lol I feel for you doctor Berg ?

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