Keto Costco Haul + Tips! | On the Road Again…

I GOT A P.O. BOX! 🙂 I plan to unbox everything on my channel! Katherine Salom P.O. Box 822654 Dallas, TX 75382 Also, subscribe to our new fishing YouTube …



  1. At 5:45 on the video you scanned over beautiful looking meat. On the far right side were round steaks. They are “Rib Eye Caps”. They melt in your mouth. Oh my gosh they are sooo delicious. Expensive, but so worth it. Cody would love them.
    Also if you have Amazon Prime Video ya need to watch Jack Ryan series. So good.
    By the way Kirkland laundry soap is rated higher than Tide. 🤓

  2. Did you look to see if they sell your bread cheese? I’ve been told by my bestie Costco has a great cheese section.

    A new series my husband and I are watching on Hulu is called The Gifted. It is on the lines of the X-men if you like that stuff. It’s really good. Thanks for sharing from NC

  3. That was some happy chowing down Beaux was doing.👍🏼Santa Clarita diet is hilarious (and starts off mildly disgusting but that stops quickly). Ep 1 is a little slow then it takes off. Hilarious and it builds. Good show for a couple cause the main couple is goals and funny af. Love the haul.

  4. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned but if you’re not wanting a gigantic pack of steak(or any of the pre-prepackaged meats near the butcher) you can ask them to re-pack with just what you need 👍

  5. I love these your Costco hauls are fantastic. Next time you do one of your huge shopping trips you should possibly film in store so we can see your grocery shopping strategy. Just a fun idea for a video. You’re simply amazing I love your channel

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