KETO DIET 101: Low Magnesium. Why does KETO eating make these symptoms worse?

If you are producing ketones and feeling fine, skip this post and the other blogs that begin with KETO DIET 101. These KETO DIET 101 articles review what can …



  1. Thank God I found your channel. I am subscribing. I have watched a few of them so far and they are very informative. I have been sharing as I watch them. I have been suffering with legs cramps I am going to try the bath today. Thanks so much again! You are a blessing. I hope many others get a chance to see your videos and subscribe! I dont even know why you would get a dislike for your videos they give so much information and I love your honest input. As my grandmother would say God bless to you and your family!

  2. I was trying to find some information on trans dermal magnesium supplementing and could not find some that would indicate that it is real with healthy skin…There is one that is talking about mag is coming in through hair roots so it should be used in hairy places for better effect.. If you have some info that is not anecdotal – actually measured please post.

  3. severe muscle spasms in my back and ribs since the last 80's. I take Mag and then of course the poops. I have IBS and Diabetes type 2 and all kinds of health issues. it's a miserable mess most days.  No Dr. or Specialists know what to do. I do what I can.

  4. "Magnesium" isnt really a salt … though one could combine this metal with like Sulphuric Acid making MgSO4, called Bitter Salt aka Epsom Salt as we could use for a nice warm bath relaxing our muscles, which is also why is works as a laxative "drug".

  5. The first night I started producing ketones I woke about 2am with the worst cramp ever. I tried to stand on it and my body went into shock. I passed out. Broke my toe and injured my leg in the process. When I came to, only about 10 or 20 seconds later, my clothes were completely soaked, was cold and wet. Then I started vomiting. Was too weak to get off the floor so laid there for the next hour or so. I finally got well enough to change my clothes with help and get into bed. I am 60 and haven't had leg cramps for 45 years. Was on crutches for the next 3 days and missed a day of work. Anyhow I'm taking my bodies advise and eating a balanced diet with fruit and salad.

  6. This is great info. I’ve a friend who has idiopathic hypo magnesium. Her doctor was planning on writing her up in the journals. Through various supplementation she’s finally got it relatively under control but at the coat of being in the toilet all the time. I’m planning on sharing this.

  7. When I get leg cramps at night, I eat kale to get more magnesium. I also eat raw organic nuts and seeds from around the world. I order them on Amazon and when I get them I mix them together, put the mixture in jars and eat one jar almost every day. I have ordered your book and will read it ASAP.

  8. I use equal parts magnesium chloride (not epsom salt) and distilled water mixed well. I put it in a glass spray bottle and apply every night. Helps me sleep and no laxative effect. It will sting at first but when you get your levels up it stops.

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