Keto Diet 101: What Can Possibly Go Wrong? Keto Flu

If you are peeing ketones and feeling fine, skip this information. However, if you tried to make ketones and you never turned your strip pink, read these posts.



  1. Still no mention of the electrolytes? And the white table salt, throw it out when you clean out your cabinets. Absolutely no doctors for me. They did enough damage. I'll search your website but I need a formula for an electrolyte drink.

  2. I love this advice but I can't talk to any of my doctors because they do not see the value or agree with the keto diet. I guess I just have to find my information on YoutTube. Thanks for your great videos.

  3. Houston, Texas. By salt, don't you mean the pink stuff from the Himalayan mountains? I truly believe that blood pressure medicine is just covering up a symptom of a real problem. Doctors should find out what the real problem is and not cover up the symptoms. I believe that 50 years of blood pressure medicine is why my dad died last month.

  4. I went to my doctor and asked him whether he thinks this method is suitable for me. He said "Yes, absolutely." Then he explained to me how to do it. He also warned me about the transition period. And yes, after two days now, I feel a bit…dizzy/strange. And my mouth tasted bad after getting up. But I will get over that. It is more difficult to get my head around the fact that from now on, fat will be my main fuel. After all, I learned for 40 years (my dad had Type 1 diabetes) that fat is bad. But I am not that old, I can still learn new things and ideas.

  5. From what I understand excess insulin causes salt to store as is many of its negative effects. Water is stored to balance the excess salt ratio needed. Once you lower carbs as you say it dumps it out. Unfortunately it dumps all the salts so we should also makes sure we take potassium. I think it's important to take natural salt and not the processed salt as it reacts negatively contributing to hbp. Taking salt did really help when starting on keto. Also it took away my night cramps.

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