Keto diet and diet comparisons: Mayo Clinic Radio

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Katherine Zeratsky, a Mayo Clinic registered dietician nutritionist, discusses the keto diet and compare it with other popular …



  1. Dr. Cozine got gassy because she’s not used to eating high-fiber rich foods as main meals. I have no gas: vegan 5 years, vegetarian since late 1989, blood tests are excellent, and the best part, imo, I don’t contribute to animal cruelty.

  2. John Hopkins And Eric Westman have studyed this for forty years and runs the hospital programs for weight loss.This diet was used in the 1920s for diabetes and later for brain seizures At Mayo. Read up and learn

  3. Would have rather listened to a doctor with results from a patient than a dietician who has been brain washed by the national dietary guidelines. Get educated. I expected more of a research approach from Mayo than people who want to eat Doritos!

  4. Carnivore and keto diet seen as one size fits all cure alls …not very sciency. However if people want to Jilly Juice and be breatharian whatever diets still should consult their own physicians to see if that is best.
    Diabetics on keto and other diets … whomever included.

  5. And what studies did she refer to that demonstrate that ketosis is "dangerous"?!!! If you are interested in finding out about keto from someone knowledgeable, check out Dr. Eric Westman or Dr. Stephen Phinney.

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