Keto Diet For Beginners – Explain Ketosis Like I'm Five

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  1. @dranthonygustin do you think that ketosis is "stressful" to the body? A nutritionist I met mentioned that to me today. Though she did give me props that I knew so much about it (thanks to you).

  2. Well explained. I look forward to learning about some more advanced ideas in this format. Are there dangers to eating too much protein in the ratios that you’d find in cooked lamb roast? And do you think that meaty meals have enough protein to mimick the effect of targeted keto?
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  3. I'm glad that I ran into your Channel maybe you can help me with this and make it viral and you can give me your opinion on the word diet I believe that word in my humble opinion and I'm not a professional but Common Sense tells me diets it's just a fad a New Year resolution that in two weeks it's gone I believe we need to start making this go viral instead of dieting or Diet to use the word four words method of eating or a way of eating or changing what quality of food we are consuming or eating clean this word diet right out of the gate has the word "die" in it and history has showed us that diets anybody that's on this wagon doesn't completed or stay on it it has to be a behavior a habit forever like brushing your teeth in the morning or taking a shower sorry for my rant I just can't stand the word diet I would literally take it out of the dictionary very informative thank you for passing the word about the ketogenic way of eating I would like to hear your take on Julian Michael's basically telling people to not even try she is telling people not to do it that is dangerous basically the ketogenic way of eating yes I know no punctuations anywhere sorry

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